Day 2 : Magic Kingdom and MGM

Tartan Tigger

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Oct 30, 2000
Day 2 Magic Kingdom and MGM

Up bright and early and soon on the bus to the Magic Kingdom. I am so excited. As we are nearing the Kingdom the driver tells us that there has been an accident up ahead so we’ll go in the back way to avoid sitting in traffic. We pass the entrance to the Grand Floridian and drive round the back of the Magic Kingdom where we see the spot where they set of the fireworks for Fantasy in the Sky, we also see the monorail garage.

Exit the bus and head excitedly to the entrance, got slightly lost here until we realised that you need to go down the hill towards the resort boat launch and then up towards the security checks. Quickly through wondering in all honesty if there is any point to these checks. Don’t get me wrong I am all for them but just feel if they are going to do it they might as well do it properly.

Head straight up Main Street and head into Adventureland. Pass Aladdin stopping briefly because there is no wait, but decide we will come back later because I’m on a mission. Arrive at Splash Mountain at 9.05am, mission complete, and walk straight on. Fabulous, I love this ride though Tricia is has her what am I doing on this face on. She enjoys all of it except the drop. Off Splash, not very wet, and straight over to Thunder Mountain, had to wait for the next train (approx 2 minutes). Great fun and now wide awake. Left here and headed for Fantasyland stopping in Liberty Square to ride Haunted Mansion. We arrived just in time to walk into the stretching room. Love it when the CM says, “Remove your wretched bodies from the walls!”.

Arrive in Fantaysland and ride Peter Pan first, they were posting a 10 minute wait but we only waited 5 minutes. Get a fast pass for Winnie the Pooh and walk straight onto Snow White. We ride in Happy’s car, I tell Tricia that’s because they saw me coming, she rolls her eyes. Head to castle to see Cinderella’s Surprise Celebration. This was really good, lots of characters and lots to sing along with. After show it’s time for our fast pass return. I love Winnie the Pooh ride, especially bouncing with Tigger. We had a look in the shop and then head to Tomorrowland and ride the TTA. By now the lack of sleep is catching up with me so we stay on for a second ride because I can’t be bothered to stand up to get off. Magic Kingdom very busy now so we go and check out all the shops on Main Street. I found a Tinkerbell picture frame that said Pixie Power in the middle of it and I immediatley thought of my DIS buddie Emma. I considered buying it but I didn’t think it would survive the British post so I changed my mind. (Look out for it when you go to DIS CON 2 Emma because it is really nice). Found a spot in the shade and waited for the Share a Dream Come True Parade. I think we had lunch while we waited. The parade was good but not as good as we were expecting. We both thought it was a little short and agreed that we preferred the Magical Moments parade. After the parade we returned to the hotel.

Went to MGM for the evening arriving just as the parade was finishing and half the park was trying to exit. Finished up cutting through the shops as you couldn’t move outside. We went to see Indiana Jones, Muppet Vision 3D and One Man’s Dream, found this very interesting. Went to see Millionairre and was very impressed with the set. I felt like I was right there but Chris Tarrant was missing. Having said that I don’t know how Chris would cope with the time limit for the answers, how would he be able to keep asking are you sure? The first person in the hot seat was asked what the Statue of Liberty was made from for the $100 question. The options were ice, copper, papier mache and I can’t remember the other one. She asked the audience!!!!!!! I never made it to the hot seat, probably for the best because a lot of the questions about American Government etc.. I wouldn’t have had a clue.

Saw Fantasmic at 10.30pm and felt like we were home. We love this show and strongly recommend it to anyone who hasn’t seen it before. We will prove our love for this show later in the holiday.
Return to hotel about 11.30pm totally shattered but very happy.
Check schedule to see where we are going to tomorrow. It’s Blizzard Beach and Animal Kingdom and I get a lovely surprise tomorrow.


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Oct 31, 1999
Whewwwwwwww! I am tired just reading about your first day! It seems like you did a lot! Thanks for posting!


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May 21, 2000
Great day. You got a lot accomplished.


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Aug 18, 2001
Tired me out also!

I agree with you about security. People would stop coming if they had the real thing, so they just do it for a false sense of ;)

Thanks for the report!


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Aug 1, 2000
Sounds like a fun, jam-packed day! Wonder what your lovely surprise is....:confused:


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