Dallas to Orlando for $138 rt at "Snooze you lose."


Feb 19, 2001
I was looking at the Snooze you lose board for great rates to Orlando from PA but saw this one instead. Hope it can help someone.
Where is this rate at????? Im in Dallas and VERY INTERESTED. Never heard of 'snooze you loose'. Please reply ASAP as I know it could change!!!
I am a best fares member. Its on their web site, bestfares.com but i dont know if you need to have a password to get to that site. You can check.
I am too from DFW and would LOVE to get this rate. But you do have to be a member and to be honest with you. I don't want to pay $40 to JUST SEE if the flight is direct, if it's not at all hours of the night, On one of those little planes I hate, etc.

There was also a rate of $198 from Dallas to Orlando on the free page. You might have to look on page two or three. Here is the link to the free pages:

Bestfares Free "Snooze You Lose" pages

Good Luck!


Tammy aka Kaa
Budget Board Co-Moderator


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