Current ADR plans - still can't decide on World Showcase dinner! UPDATE!!!

Discussion in 'Disney Restaurants' started by Wendy31, Mar 15, 2013.

  1. Wendy31

    Wendy31 DIS Veteran

    Mar 5, 2005
    Hi, everyone!

    We will be in WDW 9/14 through 9/24 - staying at the Contemporary, 10-day tickets (non-hoppers). Our ADR date is Monday, &, unlike previous years, I'm still unsure! LOL! Following are our current plans:

    Saturday, 9/14 - Arrival Day

    Dinner - 'Ohana

    Sunday, 9/15 - MK

    Dinner - CRT

    Monday, 9/16 - EPCOT, Future World

    Dinner - Garden Grill

    Tuesday, 9/17 - DS & MNSSHP

    Lunch - Sci-Fi

    Wednesday, 9/18 - MK

    Lunch - Crystal Palace

    Thursday, 9/19 - AK

    Dinner - Boma or Yak & Yeti - CAN'T DECIDE!!!

    Friday, 9/20 - DS

    Lunch - Mama Melrose Fantasmic Lunch Package

    Saturday, 9/21 - EPCOT, World Showcase

    Breakfast - Chef Mickey's
    Dinner - Chefs de France or La Hacienda or maybe even Biergarten - CAN'T DECIDE!!! (I think, if I go w/ Chefs, I'm might make this a late lunch...)

    Sunday, 9/22 - EPCOT, Future World, & DTD

    <no ADRs planned>

    Monday, 9/23 - MK

    Dinner - Be Our Guest

    Tuesday, 9/24 - MK & Departure Day

    Lunch - Liberty Tree Tavern

    So, how does it look? Any opinions regarding Yak & Yeti vs Boma & for our World Showcase dinner?

    This is the least amount of ADRs I've planned in the last few trips... normally I've also got WCC, Tony's, & a dinner planned in DTD! The only one I think we might miss is WCC - but I had to drop something to add Be Our Guest.
  2. ktnryansmom

    ktnryansmom Mouseketeer

    May 11, 2008
    We loved Boma!!! Even my 10 & 12 year old say it was the best meal of our trip!!
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  4. lynn46356

    lynn46356 DIS Veteran

    Aug 19, 2001
    I have only had Boma for breakfast but it is my favorite!!!!!!! As for world showcase meals we love Biergarten and also Teppen Edo. My husband and I tried Biergarten for the first time last June and were hooked. We love the entertainment and the food. Of course, my husband enjoyed the beer too! Although Teppen Edo is your normal Japanese restaurant the food is good along with the food show. Hope this helps! Happy planning!!!! :)
  5. dutchdisneyfamily

    dutchdisneyfamily DIS Veteran

    Apr 7, 2010
    I've never had Boma or Yak & Yeti, but we're trying Yak & Yeti this trip. We love PF Changs and it looks like that type of food. We also love Biergarten. Never tried Les Chefs.
  6. mb_uh

    mb_uh DIS Veteran

    Feb 19, 2010
    Unless you are staying at AK or want to see the resort I would go with Y&Y leaving to eat at resorts is really a pain.

    We loved Beirgarden and Les Chefs both are great.
  7. juliebug1997

    juliebug1997 DIS Veteran

    Jan 19, 2011
    I vote Yak and Yeti and Biergarten.
  8. MrsB1228

    MrsB1228 DIS Veteran

    Feb 15, 2006
    Boma is ok, but I'm not a big fan of buffets in general. Yak & Yeti is good, although last time it didn't blow me away like it has on previous visits. They do have what I consider to be one of the best desserts on property however, the Pineapple Cream Cheese Wontons. :lovestruc

    Here's a pic of the wontons:


    We enjoy Les Chefs for lunch, not so much for dinner. Biergarten is usually good, and the show is great, but again it's a buffet so never my first choice. We LOVE La Hacienda! We've had dinner there our last three trips and are planning to return this fall too. We love the Hacienda platter and the service has always been excellent. If you can plan a late dinner you can also enjoy Illuminations with dessert. The view through the big picture windows is wonderful! :thumbsup2

    This is the Hacienda platter, it's also served with rice, black beans and warm tortillas:


    Hope you have a great trip! :goodvibes
  9. LionKingDramaQueen

    LionKingDramaQueen Thirsting for adventure

    Aug 11, 2010
    My family tends to eat a LOT, so buffets always seem to work out great for us. We definitely eat our money's worth! So, if your family is similar to ours...Boma would be a great choice. The downside for us were the choices of food. My brother (11 years old) and I (14 years old) are not the most adventurous eaters on the planet. We were both able to find more than enough things to eat, but if your kiddos are really may want to consider dropping Boma. Also, as a few other people have mentioned-transportation is a hassle. But, I remember the resort itself being AMAZING. Your kids would probably LOVE the wildlife.

    Yak and Yeti is great as well. I, personally, love in-park dining, just because it is so convenient. The service was not fantastic for us...but the food was GREAT. You really can not go wrong with either.

  10. ElizabethG

    ElizabethG When it comes to havoc, nobody wreaks like me!

    Oct 28, 2009
    We usually stay at BLT and don't get park hoppers. On AK day, I like to go to a dinner show. HDDR is fun and there is a boat ride from FW to CR, so it makes travel convenient. We even take the bus from AK back to CR and take the boat to FW. The bus to FW is long!

    I also suggest coral reef on one of your undecided Epcot days.
  11. Wendy31

    Wendy31 DIS Veteran

    Mar 5, 2005
    Thanks, everyone, for all the suggestions!!

    DH & I also really like Boma. Plus, the AKL is just beautiful, & I love visiting it! Our 2 older kids aren't as impressed w/ Boma as we are - they like Yak & Yeti better.

    We've stayed away from Teppan Edo in the past because we have a really good Japanese hibachi-style restaurant here at home where we eat frequently. Additionally, our Japanese restaurant serves fried rice (which all 3 of ours kids love), while Teppan Edo has noodles. I'm afraid we'd be disappointed w/ Teppan Ed, but I'm sure that eventually we'll eat there one year!

    I'm not a huge fan of buffets, but Biergarten intrigues me! I think we'd like the food, & the entertainment sounds fun!

    Yak & Yeti is a lot like PF Changs! I'm sure you'll love it - plus the restaurant is really pretty w/ lots of ornate & unique décor.

    Another vote for Biergarten!

    We've always had lunch at Yak & Yeti, but, last year, I reserved the last available ADR time for dinner. It was really cool walking out of an empty AK! But, again, I missed seeing the gorgeous AKL since we didn't make it to Boma - which had previously been our dinner at the end of or AKL day.

    And another vote for Biergarten! And one for Chefs!

    I think I'm leaning toward Yak & Yeti because it's one of our DD's favorite - she loves the pot stickers, & she's typically not a very adventurous eater.

    And, previously, I was only sort of thinking about Biergarten & really trying to decide between Chefs & La Hacienda... now Biergarten is right up there! LOL!

    Thanks so much for the pics - especially the platter at La Hacienda! That looks wonderful & exactly like the kind of food DH & I like. And that wonton dessert at Yak & Yeti is delicious!! It's one of my very favorite desserts at WDW! But is it better than the Zebra Domes at Boma? Hmm...

    We have enjoyed Yak & Yeti in the past too, but, last year, it wasn't as good as the previous year. I can't eat MSG, &, 2 years ago, the chef made me this amazing beef dish w/ lots of flavor & crunchy vegetables. Last year, I wasn't as impressed. But the Yak Attack was still yummy! ;) As were those yummy wontons for dessert!

    Another thing that makes me want to choose Yak & Yeti is because it's one of my DD's favorites, &, like I said, she's typically not a very adventurous eater. And she loves this restaurant!

    And, like you, I'm not a huge fan of buffets, & we're already doing the breakfast buffet at Chef Mickey's & the lunch buffet at Crystal Palace. One think I dislike about buffets is how I feel like DH & I eat in "shifts" - I get my plate while he waits w/ our younger DS, & then he gets his plate & so on.... so I never really feel like we're eating together.

    If I go w/ Chefs, I think I'm going to do a late lunch instead of dinner. (On that day, we're eating breakfast at Chef Mickey's.)

    We probably don't get our money's worth at buffets! LOL! I make one trip to the buffet for salad, one trip for entrée & sides, & one trip for dessert & then I'm done. DH is basically the same way. Our kids have always found plenty to eat at Boma (even though DD is a little picky), but they don't eat lot. That said, we do really like Boma! The AKL is gorgeous, and, after our meal, we normally walk around the resort & look at the animals.

    I have wanted to try HDDR for years - it gets such great reviews!! I just never find a place to "fit it" into our schedule! LOL! Typically, we use the evening after our AK day as a relaxing/restful evening at our resort. But that is a great idea & one I hadn't thought of!

    Again, thanks, everyone, for all the replies!!

    I think I'm going to go w/ Yak & Yeti over Boma - even though I'll miss the AKL & the Zebra Domes (I don't really think anyone else in my family will though...)

    And I STILL haven't decided between Chefs & La Hacienda... although the picture of the platter at La Hacienda is making me really think La Hacienda! And I'm going to show DH the buffet menu for Biergarten & try to find some pics to show him to get his input.

    Thanks!! Tomorrow morning is my ADR day!! :cool1:
  12. karenklo

    karenklo DIS Veteran

    Aug 26, 2003
    Eating at the WS in Epcot always has my family debating! My father loves Germany, I love Japan, my DH loves Morocco, my mom loves France and Mexico and the boys love England! Since this summer is just my DH and the boys I picked Teppan at Japan! My Dad was just there last week and of course ate at Germany which he says was just fantastic of course. Our fave place not in the WS is Jiko at AKL. That is our overall fave place to eat at Disney! Have fun picking it out!
  13. Wendy31

    Wendy31 DIS Veteran

    Mar 5, 2005
    Well, I made our ADRs this morning, & I ended up w/....

    Chefs de France!!

    I'm still not really sure why... I think it came down to Remy. And the fact that I've always wanted to eat at Chefs, &, since we've eaten at San Angel Inn (Mexico), I decided that this year was France's turn.

    But I reserve the right to change to La Hacienda! ;)

    Anyway, following are our current ADRs:

    Saturday, 9/14 (Arrival Day) - 'Ohana, 6:30 pm (wanted 6:00 pm, so I'll keep trying)

    Sunday, 9/15 (MK) - CRT, 5:30 pm

    Monday, 9/16 (EPCOT, Future World) - Garden Grill, 5:35 pm

    Tuesday, 9/17 (DHS & MNSSHP) - Sci-Fi, 12:10 pm (wanted 11:30 am, so I'll keep trying)

    Wednesday, 9/18 (MK) - Crystal Palace, 11:40 am

    Thursday, 9/19 (AK) - Yak & & Yeti, 4:45 pm

    Friday, 9/20 (DHS) - Mama Melrose Fantasmic Lunch Package, 12:00 pm

    Saturday, 9/21 (EPCOT, World Showcase) - Chef Mickey's, 9:30 am

    Saturday, 9/21 (EPCOT, World Showcase) - Chefs de France, 4:30 pm (this is early for dinner, but I wanted the kids to have a chance to see Remy)

    Sunday, 9/22 (EPCOT & DTD) - <no adrs planned>

    Monday, 9/23 (MK) - Be our Guest, 4:55 pm (I wanted 5:30 pm, but the only other time available was 8:30 pm, so I'll keep trying!)

    Tuesday, 9/24 (MK & Departure Day) - Liberty Tree Tavern, 12:30 pm

    So that's it!! Now just to wait 6 months! And keep rethinking my decisions! LOL! :rotfl2:

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