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Earning My Ears
Aug 7, 2018
I'm going to be moving to the UK to work for 6 months in the next few weeks and was wondering - what tax will I end up paying on what I earn? How do I pay it?

I've been told I'll be on £38,000 a year, but obviously will make half that. I've used this tax calculator and it says I will pay something like £3000 after taxes and NI, but someone I work with said they'd likely take the tax for the full salary, then I'd be reimbursed for the extra taxes once I stop working in the UK. How does this work?

Hoping someone else here has done something similar, or lives in the UK so can advise. Many thanks! :)


Earning My Ears
May 17, 2018
I live in the UK. I used that calculator to check my own salary and it seems pretty accurate, give or take ~50-100 pounds.
I think what your co-worker means is that when you start work, you'll be put on an emergency tax code which is quite common here. This means you get no personal allowance and are taxed on your entire salary (we get £11,850 of our salary paid tax-free). So for example, you'll earn £19,000 in six months. £11,850 should not have any tax paid on it, but because you're on an emergency tax code you will pay tax on that plus the rest of your salary.
It's simple to fix. Once you get paid, you can just phone HMRC and get them to fix your tax code. You don't need to wait until the next tax year or anything like that. Otherwise you will end up losing hundreds of pounds in tax which can add up pretty quickly.


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Jul 13, 2005
Just popping this over to UK Community as it isn't really related to planning a trip to WDW.


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Mar 13, 2015
will come back to this later but just quickly

In UK and Ireland, your employer takes your tax and National Insurance from your pay. This is different to USA where each individual employee has to pay their own tax.


Jun 30, 2015
I'm kinda wondering why your only post on a Disney forum is about working and paying tax in the UK :upsidedow

You'll be better off calling HMRC.

In case you are genuine..
  • You'll pay your tax directly out of your wages.
  • Ask your employer to submit the relevant form asap to get you on the right tax code.
  • HMRC will assume you will earn the while 38k a year, and you'll be taxed as such (20% on everything after 11,850)
  • Once the tax year ends (april) you'll be able to go back to HMRC and prove you only worked the 6 months, and you'll get a rebate for what you've overpaid in tax.


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