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Humpbacks1962 on Pinpics
Feb 15, 2001
Just want to say thanks for the great time we had last night meeting some local Dis freaks! :p

Thanks for the nice trades. I though I would not find anyone interested in the few pins I brought, but you guys were so warm and friendly.
Dom, it really was a treat to see your artwork in person. Peggie, Cynthia, you gals are dolls (you should have your own beanies :jester: ).
Next time I'll make sure I go around the table and socialize with everyone :o Everyone was so welcoming and friendly!

My boys are psyched :bounce: about the little pins they got and being able to trade as well. Just wanted to say thank you for making us feel welcomed.

Wanda :)
Hi Wanda-

My DD, Kristy & I had a great time last night too! I would have liked to have talked more with you, but my DD was tired.

Although, I didn't have any trades with my small collection of traders - it was great meeting people & talking about two of my favorite things Disney & pins. It's nice to speak with other people who enjoy the things I enjoy.

I appreciate how wonderful (I can't think of a better word) everyone was to my DD - making exceptional trades with her or giving her a pin to help with her collection (thank you Cynthia).

I enjoyed seeing everyone's collections, but I still need to see some more of Peggie's collection; I think Cynthia had some stored in her car too.

Thank you everyone.


We had a wonderful time meeting some avid new DIS pin lovers and seeing others whom we've had the pleasure of meeting before!

Dom13 - i am getting a list of my traders together
Peggi - as always, we never have enough time to chat
Geri and dd - what a pleasure to meet you - made a few good trades there!
Wanda - we should have switched ends of the table half-way through - next time! Teachers are great - aren't they?
Cynthia - thanks so much for getting this fine group together. We had a great time.
Caroline and Roger:D
Had a great time meeting everyone and putting faces to names. It is always fun talking about Disney and pins. The kids were great and I enjoyed trading with both Kristy, my Mickey Policeman for Slinky Dog, and Wanda, Fantasia 2000 CM preview pin for my....I forgot! Brain's not functioning this morning!

Hope we get to do it again some time soon.

Believe me, as far as Peggie and I are concerned, this was one of the best meets ever. Sitting in the middle of the table was nice so I could talk to everyone. (After the big meets I get home and am so frustrated with all the people I DIDN'T get to talk to.) Peggie and I already decided we will do this again, probably early this summer. The West Farms Rainforest Cafe does seem to be well situated for quite a few of us, so I'm sure that is where it will be again next time.

Geri and Kristy - You have some really wonderful pins! You can be very proud of those collections, even if they are small (remember, we all started out that way!)

Caroline and Roger - You guys are so lucky to be able to share this passion together. We will undoubtedly be spending many hours together when we all get down to Orlando - our REAL home.

Wanda, Sean and Chris - Thank you so much for coming. I love the Lion King pin! Next time you and I will have to bring more of our collections to show off, not just our traders.

Dom and Peggie - As always, it was a blast. Can't wait for Friday!!

Leslie - We missed you!! Sorry we just couldn't wait for you to come home to do this.
As usual, I am last. I had a great time last night, but unfortunately didn't get to sit and talk the way I wanted to with everyone. those long tables don't lead to good comversation, next time we want a big round one. Next time the food court so we can talk more.
Kristy, I am very excited to have my Marie pin finally. Next time I have to make sure to spend a little more time with your mom. Sorry Geri, we were at opposite ends of the table.
Wanda, your pins are almost as nice as your boys. And such great names. Sean and Chris. Same as two of my three. Ever think about a David too? lol And I have been trying to find that CM AK pin for such a long time. A pin with Mickey that I didn't have. That drove me crazy, but now I have it.
Caroline and Roger it was great to see you again, even though we didn't get to share our pins. What a great ego booster you are Caroline.
Dom and Cynthia, we see each other all the time, so we don't get to trade, but it was nice seeing you. I love my NECCO wafer eggs Cynthia.
I can't wait until we can do this again and plan better so more can come. It was so much fun.
Leslie, we did miss you, did you miss us on your cruise, with the sun and fun. But no pins. Peggie


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