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    So now my trip has been moved until 2014 so its going to be my daughters sweet 16 and where else to eat but at CRT... I am going to add the DDP on my package hoping for free dinning in 2014 we will see,:worship:, so my question is can i pay out of pocket and not use a diner credit or do i have to use the dining plan credit? and if i do how many credits per person is it because its a signature? and what is the cost as of today for a dinner
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    If you are on the dining plan you do not have to use your credits and can pay out of pocket. It is currently two TS credits if you do use the plan.
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    You can do any of the following:

    1) If you already have DDP on your resort reservation at the time you book, you can book without full prepayment and only leave a credit card for a guarantee (make sure this works before you book online, you may have to call). Then you will pay with DDP credits when you are actually at the restaurant.

    2) You can prepay and then have your payment refunded when you arrive and switch your payment method to DDP credits.

    3) You can prepay, use the payment for that meal, and use your DDP credits elsewhere.

    2 DDP table service credits per person for all meals at CRT.

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