Crowne Plaza - Heathrow Airport Hotel


Cirque Fan
Jul 30, 2002

Our friends have just booked to go here when they go to DLParis this Xmas. We are thinking about staying if we go to DLParis next year.
Has anybody else stayed here, What is it like?

Our friends payed £145 for 2 'Quad' Inter-connecting rooms for 1 night on 29th December. It includes 15 days free parking. Is this a good rate???

What is the hotel pool like and are the rooms nice??

Any advice from people that have allready stayed there will be really appreciated.

Its a very nice hotel. We have stayed here twice, each time in a quad room. The rooms are very spacious and have a TV, Iron, Hairdryer, Tea and coffee etc. We usually pay @ £75- £80 per night inc 15 days parking. There is a shuttle to the airport but with 4 of us it is easier and cheaper to get a taxi. My children always use the pool there and enjoy it. There is a nice restaurant for eating (pricey- but airport hotels always are) and a bar . This year we stayed at Le Meridien and it wasn't as good as Crowne Plaza. Wego to Washington in October and will stay at Crowne Plaza again.
Thank-You VERY much Lynette, that was just what I was looking for. We were thinking abou booking at Le Meridien, because we thought it may be nicer, but now we will definitely book Crowne Plaza.

How Long is the Taxi journey to the airport??
Richard, its no longer than 5-7 minutes. It cost us £10 and that included a tip (I think the actual fare was @ £7). The rooms are lovely there - we were very disappointed with the rooms in Le Meridien, they were quite shabby. You won't be disappointed with Crowne Plaza.


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