Crocs Shoes For Toddlers Are Available....


DIS Veteran
May 4, 2003
Hi all - not sure if anyone has posted this info - but Crocs has finally released their shoe in a "toddler" size. It starts at a size 8/9 for kids. The price is the same as the adults - but I have to tell ya - if your a Crocs fan, these are the greatest shoes for kids, and even better if you're around any sort of water (including Splash Mountain or any water parks). They come in the color pearl (off white) baby blue, navy, purple, pink, and yellow. They are really cute on the little ones and so easy to wear (if you get the right size ). We have been a Crocs family for over a year now and love 'em! Now my DS2 gets in on the fun as well!


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