Cribs at Dolphin...


Earning My Ears
Mar 6, 2001
Are the cribs at the Dolphin pack and play style or full-size? Thanks! Leslie
I saw one in the hall and it was a full size metal crib with a crib sheet that fit correctly and a nice bumper set! Although when our girls were small we always brought our own crib sheets washed at home for that at home comfy smell!
We stayed at the Swan last November and had a crib for our daughter. It is a metal crib but smaller than a standard sized crib. It is a porta crib size unless the Dolphin has cribs different than everyone else which I don't think they do.

We're going in June and my 2 1/2 yr old DD still sleeps in her crib, I'd really prefer she sleep in the crib but I think she will be too long for it. I don't think the crib was longer than 36" or so. If you need real specifics see if you can contact housekeeping at the Dolphin, they may be able to tell you. If you do talk to them, ask them the height and weight limit, if you find out, would you mind posting it? Maybe we'll still be able to fit our DD in one.

Thanks :)

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