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Oct 11, 1999
Okay I'll admit it. I'm addicted to coupons. A few weeks before we leave I'll clip all the national chain coupons I can find and bring them along in an envelope. Last year we only used one but hey, $5 is $5, right? If you eat off site a lot you can save lots.. I found some local coupons at



had some coupons on their sites.

oops, I guess Jungle jims took their coupons off. Oh well, I'll keep it here just in case you want to check at another time, I know they had them before.....


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Thank you for that information. However, it appears alot of those coupons expires shortly. Do they renew them????? Thanks
Yes, if you go to the link closer to your trip, you'll notice the expiration dates change. You'll notice different coupons up there too! By the way, Sweet tomatos is a really good place to eat!

Yes, I know. That is one I want. Tried it in October on West Coast of Florida for 1st time and loved it. A great bargin and very clean place.

This is just what I've been looking for. Please post any others you find. I, too want to try Sweet Tomatoes. There's one near the Belz outlet, isn't there? That's my plan: shopping at Belz and then lunch at Sweet Tomatoes. :D Thanks again.
Thanks for the coupon links!! How wonderful!! We are going in March and I'm always up for any kind of discount!!
One question -- what's a Sweet Tomatoes?? (For those of us in the deprived midwest -- haha)

Hi WDWPixie, Sweet tomatoes is a restaurant. Buffet style that serves soup, salads, pastas, and lots of fresh baked goods. The quality is very good for the price.

BTW, are there any Black Angus steak houses in your area? I remember getting the best steak I ever had in St. Louis at this restaurant. This around 20 years ago...

To my knowledge, we don't have Black Anguses around here!! I know we had them in L.A. where I was born, raised, and lived, until 7 years ago!! We've had good steaks at numerous places around town...but usually the chains -- Outback, Ruths Chris (yummy but $$$)....

Thanks for the info re: Sweet Tomatoes!! Will give it a go!!


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