Coronado Springs vs caribbean village

Discussion in 'Disney Resorts' started by chrystie4141, Jan 11, 2013.

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    Apr 4, 2011
    Please help me decide. We have a 6 year old that has been to Disney twice and loves it. The first time we stayed offsite, second time at the Caribbean. I will say by far the waterslide was worth every penny for us at the Caribbean. We thought about the value resorts since we are going to do the water parks for the first time and that extra cost but think the waterslides at the resort will be missed. So now my choice do we try something new or stick to what we know?

    Caribbean : Pro : we loved the pool and the fact that the pool and eating place were next to each other and easy, we stayed in a preferred room so didn't have that big of a walk and the bus stop was not far

    Con: The buses were very crowded even though we were the second stop

    now the Coronado Springs : We LOVE the look of the pool but are afraid since it seems the pool and eatery are on different sides so will we be walking a ton?? Also, do the buses run all the time (have read they are hit and miss) Lastly we are scared that it is not very kid themed for Disney?

    Please help we are going May 13- 19.

  2. redrosesix

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    Feb 29, 2008
    Haven't stayed at either but we've visited both -- I assume you mean Coronado Springs (CSR on the forums).

    You're right about CSR not being as kid themed -- it's a convention resort and to us just feels HUGE, but more than that there are a lot of adults there so wdw is catering to them more than families on vacay. Having said that, I love the Pepper Market, and we will likely be staying there for at least a few nights this trip since there is no availability for those dates at the All Stars. DD does her hw there since they have a business centre, so for us it's known as The Homework Resort.

    We also do the water parks, and I like those days as much as regular park days. So for us, "just a pool" is just fine. I usually swim first thing in the am and about 10 pm, and there is room to do laps. My DD gets a few hours in the pool each day too, even on water park days. So I wouldn't go to a resort just for a pool slide if you're doing water parks as well (unless you're only do one day??)
  3. Amy&Dan

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    Feb 19, 2004
    Well I have stayed at both (2 times at each one) and I love them both! Based on our stays at CSR I repsectfully disagree that the staff at CSR caters to the adult conventioners more than families. They play pool games every day, have an outdoor movie every night, one of the best gift shops on property and the slide is heaven for any kid. Were it not for the disboards, I am not sure I ever would have known CSR is a convention resort.

    There are lots of families that stay at CSR, its WDW, its onsite and believe me they want your business as a family as much as the conventioners.

    CSR's main pool is across the lake from Pepper Market and Cafe Rix which are both counter serve places as well as the full serve restaurant Maya Grill. However, at the main pool (called the Dig Site) is Siesta's. Its a pool bar and counter serve restaurant. Wings, burgers, hot dogs, chicken sandwich, nachos and some other things. So quite a bit and SUPER convenient when you are at the pool.

    CSR to us based on our two stays does not feel like a convention resort. Its very themed, very family friendly and the cm's have always been great for us.

    The busses at CSR are better than CBR's (and again, we love CBR). Four stops vs. 7 and not nearly as crowded.

    CSR has the beach feel, the main pool is awesome, the rooms are more recently redone with queen beds vs. doubles and I think you would enjoy it very much.

    You can book preferred rooms at CSR too, but they will be near the main check in, Pepper Market/Cafe Rix/and Maya Grill. Not the main pool.

    We were in the Cabanas area and loved it. Very close to the main pool, a quiet pool and not far to the main area.

    Good luck with your choice!
  4. twinboysmom

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    May 26, 2010
    Well, you won't know if you like CSR until you try. We stayed at both last year. For our family, we prefer CBR. I personally think the pool at CSR is beyond overrated on these boards. I found it cold (the entire week in June) and its deep. It does have a great water slide though. We prefer the pool at CBR. I will say that I think both resorts are family friendly.

    CSR is laid out a bit funny with the food areas and the pool area in different locations. I didn't find the resort that large and we walked around the entire lake (not quickly, just a stroll) in less that 15 minutes. So it's not that far from one location to another. We stayed in casitas 2. Much closer to the food than the pool. Casitas 4 or 5 are good to request. Cose to both food and pool and the first bus stop.

    As I said, we prefer CBR. But I like the food better at CSR, the pool and overall resort at CBR, and for us, the same. We were at the first stop at CSR and usually filled the bus or came close, next stop full to standing room ny and often skipped the 4 th stop because we could not pack another sardine into the tin. So for us, bus service was a wash.

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