Cookies from cake mixes! Also: BISCOTTI, BARS, now CUPS & POPS

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  1. Imzadi

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    Oct 29, 2004
    NOTE: I will be updating all the photo links in the next several weeks so there will be photos of the cookies again. Just hang in there with me!

    These cookie recipes are sooo yummy, quick and easy to do. They bake up quickly & seem like you spent much longer making. They are great for holiday time, parties, picnics, bake sales - you name it! With so many personal choices of add-ins, the different cookies are only limited by your imagination of creative variations to combine. :cool1:


    1 pkg dry cake mix (any flavor, any brand!)
    2 eggs
    1/2 cup of oil (or melted butter or margarine for more buttery flavor)

    OPTIONAL: Your choice of add-ins!

    Mix these ingredients together (INSTEAD of the usual ingredients listed on the box for making a cake.) You will get a very stiff mix instead of batter. This is right. :)

    Roll into balls, flatten slightly onto greased cookie sheets.
    OR: Drop by spoonfuls onto greased cookie sheets.
    Bake at 350 for 7 to 10 minutes.

    Yellow cake mix cookies are easy to frost and decorate. [​IMG]
    TIP for flatter cookies to decorate: (from Crystal0608,) "I sprayed the pans down really good with Bakers Joy & when they are almost done cooking I took them out of the oven, b/c they poof up, so I smushed them flat with my hand [or a spatula] then cooked some more."

    TIP: The moister type cake mixes (the ones with the pouches or pudding) tend to have big "rocks" in them, lol. Two things I have learned along the way...put the cake mix through a sifter, just like flour, (but not absolutely necessary,) and if you are using chips, like chocolate or butterscotch, etc., it is much easier to get an even dispersion of chips through the mix if you put the chips in the bowl first. Same applies for nuts or any other additive. The mix dusts the chips and disperses them better.

    TIP: when storing them, or any cookies, even hard store bought ones...put a slice of bread in the air tight container and it will keep the cookies soft, or make the hard cookies soft.

    OPTIONAL CREATIVE VARIATIONS: (I got these from others online. More in the posts that follow. :) ) Just keep the ratio to about 60% cake mix and 40% add-ins.

    Double Chocolate cake mix with white chocolate chips (or M&Ms.)

    Yellow cake mix cookies with a 1/2 bag of Heath Brickle (toffee) Bites, or Butterfingers, they are SO good!!!
    Chocolate chunks with nuts.
    For the holidays: Add green & red M&Ms. All blue M&Ms for Hanukkah cookies. :)

    With this simple yellow cake mix, baking with kids, they can get creative adding in their own combinations items, chocolate chips, peanut butter chips, nuts, m&ms, crushed candies, sprinkles, raisins, dried fruits, coconut, etc. They don't even have to make a whole batch of the same cookies. Just separate the dough into different bowls & play with tossing in the various add-ins, making a few of each cookie. (Dust the add-ins with the cake mix ahead of time.) This way they have fun with the making of the various combinations.

    Red Velvet cake mix with cream cheese frosting

    Orange cake mix and chocolate frosting

    Lemon cake mix with some chopped walnuts

    Spice cake mix with diced apple in it

    If you really want to impress someone, use chocolate cake mix, and roll the balls in powdered sugar. When you flatten them, they get a cracked look and when they're done they look like some delicate thing you'd get at the bakery. (Lemon or strawberry cake mix works great too, with the p. sugar.)

    Chocolate cake mix and adding some peanut butter to it.

    For chocolate chip brownie cookies from a brownie mix, add a tablespoon of cinnamon to cover the artificial chocolate taste and a teasp. of vanilla.

    Add 3 Tbl. of unsweetened cocoa to boost the chocolate taste in chocolate mixes, or 1 square of unsweetened chocolate.

    Butter pecan cake mix, add some walnuts and coconut and a touch of maple syrup. Add some water (just a touch) as it is very thick. Cook a bit longer because of all the add-ins. Shows how really creative one can be in adding ingredients.

    There's a recipe to make sturdy Gingerbread Houses out of cake mix in POST #81

    ADDED recipes for cake mixes:
    Biscotti recipes: POST #114

    Cookie Bar recipes contributed by members are Posts: #17, #54, #67, #91, #98, #126, #136, #141, #172

    FUDGE and Quick Dessert Breads: POST #157

    Scone recipes: POST #167, #174

    Cookie pops & Cake Pops: POST #196

    Cookie Cups: POST #197, #198, #225
    Make up the cookie dough, above, for the cookie cups.

    Click --> The Complete Cookie Storage Guide
    This guide has great tips for storing cookies & how to freeze cookie dough. :teacher:

    Enjoy! [​IMG] [​IMG] :dance3:

    Here are also several wonderful DIS archived threads on appetizers & other goodies that people already created. (They are not just for the holidays!) They are excellent DIS resources. :teacher:

    [​IMG] Boxed Cakes w/ a Little Extra!

    Quick & Easy Christmas treats - Page 53 - compiled list

    Quick and Easy Appetizers & Snacks

    Quick and Easy Cakes from mixes

    New Year's Eve appetizers

    The *Official* Holiday Recipe 2007 Thread

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    Post your favorite cookie recipe (Favorite, more complicated recipes.)

    What is your most ridiculously easy dish that draws raves?

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  2. dzneelvr

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    Jan 11, 2003
    Yummmmm. Thanks for the wonderful recipes. I have to bake about 9 dozen cookies for various work events soon, and was really running out of new things to try.
    Your recipes are lifesavers.
    PS--I substitute applesauce for oil in all my cake/cookie/pancake/waffle recipes. My family just can't tolerate the oil and it helps cut down on fat and calories.
    :earsgirl: :earsboy: :earsboy: :earsgirl:
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  4. Imzadi

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    Oct 29, 2004
    You might need to add a little water in addition to the applesauce substitute, since the liquid is cut way down to only the eggs. It will still work. I forgot to post another variation where the poster (on another recipe board) added extra water and said it worked:

    She used a butter pecan cake mix, added walnuts and coconut and a touch of maple syrup. "I had to add some water (just a touch) as it was very thick. I ended up cooking mine quite a bit longer. The recipe was wonderful! I love it!" :D

    Also shows how really creative one can be in adding ingredients. :tongue:
  5. nicurn

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    Oct 8, 2001
    cool, I'll have to try this. thanks. maggie
  6. Dizkneenurse

    Dizkneenurse Keeper of the Envelopes

    Aug 21, 1999
    OMG! These are awesome! Thanks for sharing. I had seen a cookie made like this on Food Network but I didn't find any other combinations like you suggested!

    I can't wait to try these!

    Thanks so much!

  7. HunnyPots

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    Apr 30, 2001
    My favorite variation is to use butter recipe yellow cake mix and make dough into balls then roll in cinnamon and sugar before baking. They will flatten as they bake and crackle around the edges. They are pretty and so yummy!
  8. sweet maxine

    sweet maxine DIS Veteran

    Apr 21, 2004
    Good Morning!

    HunnyPots, do you use the same base recipe for your cookies with the butter recipe cake mix? Those sound really good, and I may make those for the kids while we're on our trip in December. I may mix in some of the colored red and green sugars. This recipe sounds a lot like snickerdoodles. I bet they're really yummy right out of the oven!
  9. HunnyPots

    HunnyPots DIS Veteran<br><font color=purple>The Tag Fairy is

    Apr 30, 2001

    You can use the same basic recipe or you can use a stick of melted butter in place of the oil. Butter is my preference.

    Yes, these are a lot like snickerdoodles (my favorites!) but with a much richer flavor than usual.
  10. pattyT

    pattyT DIS Veteran

    May 29, 2002
    ooohh I will be trying this shortcut this holiday season - thanks for sharing!
  11. zekemom

    zekemom Earning My Ears

    Mar 23, 2004
    I don't post alot but I saw this thread and I was so excited, i had 2 leftover boxes of cake mix from my daughter's birthday cake and I wasn't sure what to do with them.

    I made a batch and they are delicious. My DS4 helped roll the cookies, he had a blast.

    Thank you so much for this idea I will definitely be using it again for holidays.
  12. Mom2Ashli

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    May 27, 2004
    Those sound great. Thanks for sharing.
  13. Daisymae26

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    Jan 31, 2004
    ooh, these sound so good. last Sunday there was a coupon in the paper for free Betty Crocker cake mix if you bought one of their frostings. i can't wait to make these; i just have to go out and buy some mix first!
  14. PamCo88

    PamCo88 Finally going Back!!

    Aug 28, 2000
    Has anyone tried freezing the cooked cookies to see how they defrost and taste? I try to cook ahead of time to work with my ever changing work schedule.
  15. hercamore

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    Dec 15, 2000

    I'll give them a try. Thanks

  16. laurie31

    laurie31 <font color=red>Once had a roommate in college who

    Apr 24, 2003
    Thanks for all the great ideas! I have to make 30 dozen for work :earseek: and last year it took me forever to make them from scratch. This year, they'll get these short-cut ones!! They sound delicious!

    Laurie :)
  17. mla973

    mla973 DIS Veteran

    Jul 18, 2004
    This is one of favorite quick cookie tips. Over the weekend I used a Lemon Supreme cake mix and added white chocolate chips to them. Bake on 375 for 6-8 and take them out whe they look almost done. They were a hit at my Tahnksgiving gathering and so easy to make.

    I got the idea from the Pilbury "Funfetti" Cake recipe box where they give you the recipe for Funfetti cookies. Those turn out fabulous as well.

    Have fun baking (and eating!).
  18. lynniepooh

    lynniepooh <font color="blue">Hates being a "guest"</font>

    Jun 29, 2000
    This is a bar type cookie....very easy and very rich but oh so good!

    Beach Cake

    1 - Yellow cake mix
    1 - Egg
    1 - Stick softened margarine
    2 - Cups chopped pecans

    Mix above ingredients and press into 9 x 13 pan.

    1 - 8oz. Cream cheese
    2 - Eggs
    1 - Box powdered sugar

    Mix and pour over above ingredients. Bake at 350,
    35-45 minutes.
  19. Tiger Fan

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    May 21, 2000
    I tried this recipe today with my little niece and we had so much fun. She's only two, but took the rolling part so seriously. She was thrilled to get to help. We just used the basic yellow cake mix, 1/2 cup oil, and 2 eggs. I chilled the batter before we rolled and it was easy, then dredged in powdered sugar and cinnamon. They turned out wonderful. We took them to DD's missions teachers at church toinght and they were all thrilled and began eating right away (I now know for sure they didn't throw them away - I had been worried after a thread on the CB indicated that teachers don't like homemade goodies - lol! Thanks again ladies for sharing. We are making more for this weekend.
    Tiger Fan
  20. LuvN~Travel

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    Aug 8, 2000
    I've also used the white chocolate chips for my lemon cookies.
  21. sorcerormickey

    sorcerormickey DIS Veteran

    Feb 16, 2000
    Oooohhh...I am such a picky cookie eater and this sounds right up my alley! I'm going to try plain old chocolate batter and see how it goes. Thanks for sharing the recipe! :flower1:

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