Convince me to go to DL


Sep 3, 2001
I'd love any advice anyonce could give me. I've been to DL myself and enjoyed it but I took my daughter(who is 6) to WDW last year (her first time to and Disney) now we're disney addicted! We had planned to go back to WDW for Christmas to experience the holiday festivities but afraid we won't be able to afford for another couple of years since it's a long trek from WA. state to FL. Now I'm torn and missing my mickey fix.

1)Should we go to DL this year instead and wait a while longer for WDW?

2)If we do DL, which would be better mid June or christmas break? (I've heard it's terribly overcrowded at christmas that's why we were leaning towards WDW - Osbourne lights) Will it be to cold to enjoy all the rides in Dec.? or are the festivities worth the cold and crowds.

3)Will my daughter be disappointed after WDW, her favorite park was animal kingdom, and the princess character meals. Are there any substitutes for those at DL? I was thinking about the San Diago Zoo will she like that?

Please help me decide. We'd love any other suggestions or discount sites you could give us.:Pinkbounc
YES, do try DL! I would try not to "compare" it to WDW, it has a magic all its own. In fact, I know many people who will say that DL is more magical than MK.

As for your questions:

1) We often use DL as a "filler" when we can't make it to WDW. Plane fare from Hawaii is expensive, and just in general, it costs more to vacation at WDW since if we go there, we'd rather take the time to see everything. Also, at DL, it isn't as much of a MUST to stay onsite. You can stay right across the street for way less than $100 per night, and the distance is just as close.

2) I haven't been there during Xmas break, but I've heard how crowded it can be. I think if you don't mind the crowds and want to see the decorations, it might be okay. I think mid-June might be better (other than decorations) because the weather should be nice, it might be a little crowded, but not as much as December, and the list of things being refurbished should be small.

3) There are several character meals at DL, but I'm not sure about a princess one. A lot of people rave about Goofy's Kitchen at the DL Hotel. And no animals at DL, but I think the San Diego Zoo is great. However, keep in mind that it's about a 1 1/2 hour drive to San Diego. If you do that, I would consider spending a couple nights down there and maybe doing Sea World too.

Not sure about discount sites other than mousesavers. However, sometimes you can find discount coupons to attractions in CA (not DL though) in a variety of ways.
You might want to add on a trip to the Los Angeles Zoo (about an hour away)


the Santa Anna Zoo (20-30 minutes away)



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