Convince me to become a Disney Club member...?


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Aug 19, 1999
I am trying to decide if I want to spend the $30 or so for the DC. I haven't read too much positive on any sites concerning this new club. I was a former member of the MKC and really saved some money with it via the Disney store and the resorts.

Can you pass onto me any positives with the new club?


I was lucky enough to join when the National Rates were low and it gave me a super deal for the EA in May. Hard to beleive the rate has gone from $130 to over $300. I also have saved on the Ulimited pass. To me it more than saved the money I spent but each person has a different opinion.
the ump's for 2 A. and 1 jr.x 10 days=$1600.
with DC
Annaul Passes 3 A. [good for 1 year]=$900.

Good Deal????

I guess it depends on when you plan to go to WDW since the room discounts are only available at certain times of the year. I just booked CBR today for $801.80 including tax for 7 nights with the DC discount for 11/25-12/2. This works out to be $114.54 a night. I think regular rates for this time of the year are $129 plus tax. I think tax is 11% which would bring the room to $144.94 or $1014.58 for 7 nights. So I figure my savings are $212.78! For me it was definitely worth the money to join. Plus we will get discounts on our park passes and the souvineers we buy if we shop at the World of Disney Store. Last time we went to WDW we did all our shopping at the World of Disney Store and saved about $50. We will also get discounts when we eat at PH and RFC. So I'm really happy with my decision to buy the card. Good luck with whatever you decide!


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I decided I would only renew if I could save the $30 without counting on room discounts because last June I couldn't get a MKC discount on my room at the Beach Club but was able to get the AAA discount.

I figure the savings on 3 park hopper passes, discount DisneyQuest admission, 10% savings at the Disney Store and the 10% savings at the World of Disney and other Downtown Disney stores will pay for the card. Not to mention, I wanted it to be able to get the 50% discount at the SwanDolphin since they have graciously decided to accept the Entertainment rate the DC offers. That's how I justified renewing. Now whether I do it again when the card expires in 2002 is another story!


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It is hard to convince you to join DC. Do not know if you are traveling to WDW or DL this year, or if you stay on property when you do go, do not know how much you spend annually at Disney Store or, etc.

I joined DC about 45 days ago and have saved $448.00 on my hotel stay at contemporary in Nov '01, Plus $150 on Bbirthday & Valentines gifts for the family through I guess for me it is worth it.

It depend what you are going to do.

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The Disney Club Card has the "entertainment" logo on it making it valid to use for many hotel discounts, most at 50% off. This can be used anywhere that honors the entertainment rate, not just in Orlando. We are staying 4 nights at AmeriSuites, the regular room rate is $109.00, we are staying for $54.50 - we would have made our money back with only staying one night. Now any savings we ever get with this card is just "gravy". Enjoy.


But didn't get to the parks before last August, so never experienced the discounts with that program (that trip was a gift :))

I have booked a week at CBR for next August with DC. I saved $250 on the booking, and get $50 Disney Dollars at check-in. I have also used the DC for purchases both at the Disney online store, and at a Disney store nearby, with 10% discounts.

As somebody said above, it depends on what you want to use it for. If you plan to go to WDW or DL, it's worth it. If not, if you spend up to $300 per year on Disney merchandise, it's also worth it. I haven't used it for Entertainment discounts because I have that book.

Good luck with your decision.


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