Connecting rooms at the Portofino Bay Hotel


Jun 24, 2000
Has anyone ever requested connecting rooms and actually recieved them or is it like WDW with no guarantees? Would like to try this Hotel this time around. :cool:
There are no guarantees for connecting rooms at most hotels. However, most hotels assign rooms 3 to 5 days prior to arrival. I usually call the front desk of the hotel 7 days before my arrival and ask them to assign me to connecting rooms (at my preferred location for that hotel). Depending upon the desk clerk, they typically will manually assign the rooms. This has worked well for me over the years.
I just called the HRH (5 days ahead of my trip)and they were able to confirm that I had connecting rooms by "Blocking" them for me. Anyone reading this who is in the Hotel Industry, please answer a question for me, Why can't connecting rooms be reserved prior to check in? I don't understand why they can't just assign the rooms when the reservation is made. Can anyone answer this for me? I'm very curious.
If you get connecting rooms, make sure you check in EARLY!!! If you don't, there is a big chance one of your rooms will be given to someone else who didn't like their room!


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