Congratulations on 5,000 DixieDreamer!!!!

Dan Murphy

We are family.
Apr 20, 2000
You make visiting these boards a joy!!!! Always enjoy your posts...creative, upbeat, supportive, original!!!!!! And you have your DD, Bulls_eye, doing the same. How nice. Thanks for 5,000 nice ones, Dbl D!!!!!

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Thank you for the 5000 enjoyable posts. I always love to read them!!
Ahhh... thanks everyone. :) All of you make me feel so welcome here... the posts just flow because I know I am among friends. When life is a turbulent sea and my head aches from the cares of the day - I find myself drawn to the DIS. It is an oasis of friends, kindness, and fun. You always help me to find my humor and perspective - and for that I am truly and sincerely grateful. Thank you.


:sunny: Always love reading your posts, DixieDreamer! :sunny: </center>
Congratulations DD!!!
Love your posts!!!:)
Hope to meet you at DIS CON!!!:bounce:
Congratulations on 5000 posts DixieDreamer!!

Thank you for your informative, fun, and caring posts DixieD! :) :)

Kim :)


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