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    It's been awhile since i last booked...can't remember which of the following taxes you 'skip' if u just do the check in/out for the Atlantis wristbands?

    Just wondering how much over $314.66 I'll get dinged;), base rate, pre tax was $253xx. I seem to recall we skip the energy surcharge:confused3. Not sure re the 3rd/4th person over age 16 as $40 extra though. DS will be a month over the limit. Site didn't ask his age when i booked.:rolleyes1

    Estimated Total:
    $314.66 (US Dollar) including taxes of: 14.00%, and a tax of: 12.95 PER PERSON PER DAY Occupancy Tax

    now for the extras on confirmation:

    Energy surcharge: 12.95 per adult per night.

    These are additional charges not included in nightly estimated total and must be paid directly at the hotel. Persons 16 and older are charged as adults. 3rd/4th adults in room are chgd 40.00 per night+tax and service charges.

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