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Jan 1, 2001
I know this is a dumb question, but do the showers at the comfort stations have soap dispensers? Just wondering what all I should pack and what I can do without. Am trying to pack the camper as light as possible.

Thanks, Ev

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Hi rubygma,

Welcome to the DIS. The showers did not have
soap dispensers when we were there, bring your
own. Have a great time.

Hey Ev,
No...they don't! You have to bring everything. The only thing the comfort stations have are paper towels to dry your hands with and soap dispensers at the sinks. None in the showers. They do have a shelf inside the shower for you to put your shampoo/soaps, etc on. But that's it.

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This might I go there at least once a month with my travel trailer.

Shower shoes like flip flops. The restroom is cleaned every day, but you never know. A wash cloth or body scrubbie, shampoo, body wash or soap, face wash, razor , shaving creme, towel for drying, deodarant, hair dryer in nec. and clothes to change into after you shower and are clean. A tooth brush and tooth past if your accomodations don't have a sink. And, if you forget anything. don't worry most stuff is available to buy there in the campground. Except towels, unless you want to buy a beach towel. There are washers and dryers available there in the comfort stations as well.
The comfort stations are packed during the morning hours and somewhat a night. The queitest time to take a shower is during the early afternoon when most folks are still at the parks.

Hope this helps...


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