Comfort Inn Lake Buena Vista

My first visit to WDW was offsite and that is where we stayed.
It is not bad at all. Typical budget type motel.
We have stayed here a few times also - try and ask for rooms on the Palm Parkway side of the hotel- it is less noisy being away from the Interstate. You will be comfortable and close to so much! Have a great stay.:D
Stayed there twice post 9/11 when all the Rosen Hotels had a really big discount. We paid around $25 a night I believe (and if none of the value hotels were available on your dates you got upgraded to the Rosen Plaza or Rosen Centre for the same price- this did not happen to us though.) The rooms were adequate. Nothing special. With our stay we got some coupon book. Don't know if all rooms get this or if it was for our discount rate. It had lots of buy one get one free deals to area attractions (not theme parks) like the Master's of Magic show (FYI-this show was horribly overpriced, WAY!!!!! too loud and not worth our time). But back to the hotel- they have a guarded entrance and you get a parking pass (unless I am confusing this with another hotel). The rooms were quiet enough, but I agree with the above poster you might want to request a room that doesn't face the highway. Ours did but we were on the top floor and did not find it to be too bothersome either by noise or lighting.
I hate to be nosy, but the big question is what are you paying. This hotel should be VERY cheap. If it is not, look for someplace else. I have stayed here and won't do it again. It is just a little to cheap for me. (And they had a really rude front desk staff the time I stayed!) I would not pay much more than $35 for this hotel.
Actually we are getting the Family Fun Suite which is a Queen bed,bunk beds (in the seperated section of the room),2 tv's,Micro and fridge for $49.Which I think is very reasonable considering the location in Lake Buena Vista .I don't expect luxury.All we need is a place to sleep and it has to be clean .We are really not going to be spending much time there anyway (other than sleeping).We'll be gone all day.
So,the bottom line for us is that you really should only pay top dollar for a hotel if you intend to spend a lot of time there and make use of the facilities.We won't.
With all due respect,just because its cheap ,it does'nt mean that its inferior.
This is my 6th visit to Orlando and I have to be honest in saying that on the two occasions when I stayed on Disney properties they were very nice but the Holiday Inn which was half the price was just as good (as far as the room size ,cleanliness and service was concerned).I guess we are paying for the name,the atmosphere and experience of staying on Disney properties.
That might be a good price for that suite. I don't know. I did not mean to imply that the hotel was totally bad. However, the rooms there are normally very cheap. So if you were paying $60 for a regular room I think there are places where you can get more value for your money.

Now the reason I won't stay there again was the noise (both times I stayed there I was on the Interstate side since the hotel was full) and the rude front desk staff. Both check in and check out were something of a nightmare. Since it has been several years the front desk staff could have improved.
We stayed there over Easter break. We had a family fun suite and it was really perfect for us. The kids really loved it. I also recommend requesting a room on the Palm Parkway side of the building. It won't have a pool view, but it's much quieter than the interstate.

It had a nice size fridge and a microwave. The front desk staff was less than friendly, but overall we were satisfied with our stay. It's definitely not fancy, but it was clean.

For comparison, we went during Peak season and we payed $67 per night.

Let me know if you have any more questions.
Just wondering if anyone has stayed here very recently? Got an online quote of $35/night for the standard room. This sounds perfect for us, since, as someone else stated, we're only going to be sleeping and showering there. Thank you for your input and insight! :)
Here is copy of a review I posted yesterday on the Mouseplanet site.

25th Sept-30th Sept/02
Reviewer: wee-haggis from Toronto,Canada October 01, 2002
We had heard mixed reviews on this hotel but were very pleasantly surprised that it is indeed quite good.
Sure,its not luxurious by any means but the price is very reasonable,the kids suite is perfect when you need a bit of privacy and the buffet breakfast and dinner (with kids under 11 eating free) is great value for money.
I e-mailed ahead for a Palm Parkway side room (the back of the hotel is close to I4 and is quite noisy)on the 3rd floor and thats exactly what they had ready for us by 10am in the morning(several hours ahead of the normal check in time).The room was very handy for the pool,restaurant and elevator.The cleaning staff was very good as was the restaurant and front desk staff.
The room itself is very basic but the extras with kidsuite (second tv/vcr,microwave ans fridge) came in very handy.The location of the hotel is also a plus (just around the corner from Crossroads...Gateway to WDW Resort area).Within a few hundred yards the price difference between hotels on WDW property and outside is substantial.If you are on a budget (we were about $280 for 5 nights including taxes and service charges....about $56/night for kidssuite) this is agood choice.
We kept in mind that our time at the hotel was very minimal (being at the parks all day) only using the hotel for breakfast,some dinners ,an afternoon swim,some "before bed" TV and sleeping so when you compare it to Animal Kingdom Lodge (for example where we stayed for 2 nights)....sure its not as nice and it has limited extras.But...the price is about a 1/3 of AKL.
So,in finishing I guess I would say that it is a judgement call whether you must have "the extras" for a higher cost or go with the basics like Comfort Inn.
We compromised by doing both and it turned out to be a terrific choice all round.
Thank you very much, wee-haggis! That's just the kind of info I was looking for. :)
Stayed there in August, and it was absolutely fine. Every room had fridge, and microwave as standard. We are going again just after Xmas, and have offered my family a choice of many more expensive alternatives, but they want to stick with The Comfort Inn so that speaks for itself.


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