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Feb 3, 2000
I had heard on this board some of the people who had club rooms say there's not enough food. Just spoke to someone from HRH and they offered me an upgrade. I asked to stay in our pool view deluxe and still have club privileges. He said they could no longer do that, that they had tried it and the club floor is the only one that will have club privileges as its not big enough to handle more then that floor. Maybe now the amount of food will be better for those either paying for or lucky enough to get an upgrade to the club rooms!
He did tell me that there are a few deluxe rooms on the club floor but they will not face the pool. I don't care about that if I'm lucky enough to get the upgrade! The food and drinks will do alot to help our budget for 7 people! :D
Ktoscano, I am a loew's first member and thats the only reason that I got the upgrade. This is my first time to stay at a loew's hotel, but it certainly won't be my last!! I never got treatment like this at Disney!!
Try going to loews first I can't remember for sure. Someone will post it I'm sure. The membership was free when I joined but I don't know if thats always true. Good Luck!! :)
We were there from March 13-16th and there was plenty of food, which is no small feat considering the quantities of food some people were consuming. My guess is that they ran out in the first few weeks because based on the number of guests they assumed there would be enough food. They probably now realize that when people aren't paying for it, they pig out! (I observed this phenomenon on my first cruise, it was almost funny to see how much food people were putting on their plates just because it was there!), So it seems that they have rectified the problem. There was always plenty of food.
I wish that we could get the upgrade to club level. If that happened I wouldn't mind paying for the two rooms (assuming that we don't stay in 1 room and sneak the baby in) for our family of 6. I most certainly wouldn't consider the sneaking if we had the club level room...
Are there any recent reports from guests staying at the HRH and/or Club Level. Would like to hear what to expect.

Thank you ;)
I have 3 trip reports from March 13-16. I stayed at HRH on the Club level in 2 connecting rooms.
We stayed on the club level March 31-April 3 and the food and service was outstanding. Water and soda pop is available to guests on that floor all day, which was great for us as my husband has a coronary at pop prices in the parks! There was always enough food--sometimes something would be gone but would be replenished right away. Also, each night featured a special appetizer beyond the cheese and crackers. We had peppered tuna, sushi, and a beef croute on our respective nights. The appetizers worked very well for us as we like to leave the parks in the afternoon for a rest and swim and then head back to the parks and eat dinner late.

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We just got back from HRH. We had a Garden View room reserved, but because of our late check-in, no Lowes upgrade was available so we checked into it. And they did send up our basket of fruit, even though it was late. Since we were going to be there for 4 days, I went back to the lobby at 3:00 pm the next day, and by being very polite to John at the front desk, was able to upgrade to a Garden View club room. Moving up to the 7th floor was certainly worth the hastle of packing & unpacking again. The club floor food & drink were plentiful and delicious. We especially enjoyed the late hour macadamea nut cookies (warm & fresh out of the oven) & milk. Also can't say enough about FOTL access to the rides by showing your room key. We are definitely going back to HRH!


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