City Walk Thoughts


Earning My Ears
Oct 25, 1999
I just returned from a week-long trip to Orlando and I just thought I'd mention some of my thoughts on City Walk. I've been to both Pleasure Island and City Walk for some night club action and as much as I wanted to enjoy City Walk, I couldn't find that much excitement there.

The place is beautiful with great restaurants surrounding the area, but as a night club attraction it can't compare to Pleasure Island. I think City Walk's biggest obstacle is its size. It is so big and widespread that it is less intimate than Pleasure Island.

At Pleasure Island you can dance in the streets or go from one club to another depending on your mood. City Walk's streets are so wide that dancing in the streets seems like a lonely experience and the only dance clubs they offer are the Latin Quarter and the Vibe.

Also, the trip from the parking lot to City Walk is rather long that I think it discourages alot of night time crowds from making the trip.

I would love to see the place become a huge hit since it's obvious Universal put a lot of time and money into developing the area. However, I think the layout and offerings of the place make it difficult to enjoy as a mardis gras type experience.

I agree, sometimes when you spread things out too much, it takes away from the feeling.

Since I have never visited Universal's City Walk, I can't differentiate between that and Pleasure Island. However, I have been to Pleasure Island several times. I think that Disney definitely has the right idea when it comes to providing an enjoyable nighttime atmosphere. Especially with the recent addition of Downtown Disney West Side, it is clear that Disney's night-life is a notch above the rest.

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