Cinderella 2- Looks Bad!


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Jan 25, 2001
Though I have not seen the movie, i have seen the trailer and it looks BAD! The annimation does not seem as good (cinderlla) and the voice is way too off. I realize we are making a squal 50 years later, but her voice seems sooo off!
I must agree in part. Of course it does not look as good as Cinderella, and it should not be expected to be. I am remaining optemistic that it will be an entertaining film.
When in doubt, make a "II" -- Cinderella II, Dumbo II, Peter Pan II, Lady & The Tramp II, Lion King II, Pocohantas II, Aladin II (and III), Hunchback II, Atlantis II...Not that I see a trend or anything...
But do not compare Return to Neverland with the other II's. This is a good movie.
I have seen it. Granted not the great animation of old but it was really cute. I loved the way that they weaved the 3 different stories, and it was good to see all of the old friends again.

Unfortunately, not so much with Prince Charming....when will he ever get his own feature..
I don't think the quality could get much worse. I wasn't too pleased when I heard they were coming out with a sequel. I wish they wouldn't lay a finger on those classics.


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