Christmas Gift ideas for young teen girl---no makeup or gift cards/cash


Earning My Ears
Dec 15, 2012
My 13 yo does love clothes and makeup but here are some other things I got or am getting her this year:
-Karaoke machine
-Ugg slippers
-Love Your Melon hat
-Funko Pop
-Pela phone caes
-Pop socket
-iPad, case with keyboard, and Apple pencil
-portable charger

Was considering a printer for her phone, but not sure.

As for typical trendy things she likes right now:
-Adidas shoes
-cropped hoodies
-Lululemon and Athleta clothing
-American Eagle clothing
-large Hydroflask with Redbubble stickers
-Kanken backpack - although she has had this for a while

We also travel a lot during the year and do a lot of different experiences: concerts/Broadway shoes, sometimes gifted, sometimes not. One thing I was considering is gifting her and her brother a visit to iFly.
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Earning My Ears
Mar 10, 2014
Mantrabrand Bracelets---you can stack them/ create your own-my daughter wears hers everyday
Blankets- my daughter loves plush blankets / throws
PJS/ loungewear- comfy microfiber type
Tickets to a concert/ musical/ game---experiences rank high! x2 so she can bring a friend!
Magic Candle Company candle of her favorite ride, etc ...srsly... my daughter is a Disney fan too, candles keep the spirit alive
Lava lamp or string lights for room
Journals/ sketchbooks for writing or drawing


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Dec 13, 2007
It's above the $100 max you have but a sprocket if your DD has an IPhone. String lights and a sprocket were a gift for my DD two years ago and she still loves it.
  • DisMommyTX

    DIS Veteran
    Mar 7, 2015
    Normal stuff-
    craft kits
    fleece pants/robe
    socks, always socks
    personalized blanket

    concert tickets
    Pass to a local water/amusement park
    year of Amazon music (or Hulu or any other online 'thing' she doesn't really need but you know she would like)
    certificate for salon highlights, mani/pedi, facial, massage (especially if she is an athlete), etc.
    monthly subscription box

    Top choice-
    Something that she has asked for in the past year but decided against for practical reasons --DD loves converse. Beginning of 7th grade she wanted white ones, but I talked her into grey because white would get dirty so easily. For Christmas, we got her the white ones, and she was SO happy. Wore them every day for months.


    Apr 28, 2004
    Journal stuff...besides the actual journal add calendar stickers, washi tape, place markers, etc. Tons of options out there now.

    Bracelets...lots of different Pura Vida type ideas on Etsy.

    Refillable water bottle (like HydroFlask) and decals for it


    DIS Veteran
    Nov 25, 2008
    I have a 16 & 11 year old daughter. Some things they have or would be interested in:

    Polaroid camera
    Fluffy socks and/or fun socks with pictures on them
    Broadway musicals or concerts
    Pure Vida bracelets or rings
    portable phone charger
    Bath & Body works sprays or hand sanitizer
    weighted blanket (my daughter has anxiety and issues sleeping and loves hers)
    Pop figures


    Apr 23, 2012
    I got my DD a waterproof camera. It looks like and does everything a GoPro does but it's cheaper. I found a good one on Amazon for $60 and got all the accessories to go with it.
    Can you link? My DD wants a GoPro but I am balking at the price
  • LB002

    Apr 23, 2012
    Is she travels a lot, her own luggage? PBT has some cute ones (or be cheap like me and check Marshalls!). My kids are both getting carry on sized spinners because we have a lot of travel planned for 2020. DD is also getting her own toiletry bag. They will both be getting plane activities (11hr flight in Feb). DD is getting a personalized LLBean rolling duffel for camp (starting overnight camp next summer). These are all items I expect they will use for years.


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    Dec 30, 2006
    I agree with wheeled, carry-on sized travel bags. You don't have to be exactly right (like with clothing, jewelry, music, etc) and they will most likely use it for years. It also makes them feel grown up to have their own luggage.
  • leebee

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    Sep 14, 1999
    A big hit with my nieces last Christmas was a "Beauty Bag." I bought all sorts of single-use (so $1 to maybe $3 each) face masks, muds, refreshers, skin purifiers, foot scrubs, etc. I also got them fuzzy aloe socks and some hand/foot sugar scrub. They loved using all this stuff.


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