Christmas 2013- coming from Minnesota!!

Discussion in 'Camping at Disney World' started by serenitygr, Oct 19, 2012.

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    Aug 23, 2011
    Today I called and changed our Christmas of 2013 campsite from preferred to premium. Thank you to everyone for all your thoughts and advice! Now we are hoping to be by the meadows pool- at least within an easy walking distance for our kids- we will be there 12 days, but have 5 free days planned w/o park tickets, so it should be an awesome and fun time! :yay: I'd love to post pictures of us and our RV fixer upper, but have zero idea how to put pictures on here- I'm not the most computer savvy individual! :)

    But needless to say- we are so very excited! Heading down from MN the Friday before Christmas right after the kids get out of school- we are hoping to get to the Fort by Sunday night. Should be a challenge taking our winterized motorhome out of storage- then getting someplace warmer so we can "de-winterize" it . And same thing coming home- I think we will do as much winterizing at the Fort before leaving, but obviously we'll either need to stay at motels coming home (would prefer not) or have some version of our water for most of the way. Would be interested in hearing how others handle this when coming from really cold climates...
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    Good for you serenitygr! :yay:

    I created a thread that has some instructions about how to post pictures. Our good poster friend KristinU found them helpful and, <cough cough>, you responded in the thread too. :rolleyes: See post #10 primarily.

    I would suggest the 900 loop to be close to the Pool (1000, 600, and 1400 would also be acceptable).

    As for winterizing, I am of no help. It does get cold here in Bama-land but I keep my popup in the unfinished portion of my garage/basement so I don't have to mess with the whole winterize/de-winterize thing. Sorry :sad2:

    Bama ED
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    Before we leave our stop over campground we pull the plug on the water heater and leave everything (faucets/fresh water drain lines) open to drain on the road. Then finish winterizing at home in Tn. As far North as Minn you might have to winterize on the road before home.

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