Christams STOCKING Exchange-Sign up! Closed


DIS Veteran
Feb 2, 2004
Ho, ho, ho! For this exchange you will get a new Christmas stocking, and fill it with gifts for your pal. You can wrap the goodies if you wish, and attach either a gift tag, or card so that your pal knows who had sent them their stocking.

This will be a $15.00 exchange. That price does not include the stocking or shipping price. You MUST send me your tracking number right after sending off your exchange so that I can track all mailings. Please ONLY sign up if you are willing to follow the rules.

This exchange is open to both adults, and kids. For child participants, please list their age, and gender as well as the info. below.

Sign ups will be till 11/4, and names will be given by 11/5. The send by date is 11/14. When signing up, please list STOCKING exchange so that I know which exchange you are signing up for. If you will be away during the exchange, please let me know.

Please pm me the below info.
Mailing address-
Email address-
Are you willing to send internationally via air mail-yes or no-
Are you willing to be an ELF if needed-yes or no-
*What are some of your favorite Christmas/winter snacks and drinks-
*Do you have any hobbies/collections-
*Any allergies-