Chief Mickey's


DIS Veteran
Feb 6, 2001
Hi everyone,

Can anyone tell me what their experience with Chief Mickey's was like. Is it worth a visit?

Also, my daughter will be 6 soon, do you think she'll be ok on the pirate cruise without us? She is a very outgoing young lady but mom can't help but worry :).


Chef Mickeys is a LOUD BUSY BUSTLING place. We love it. The characters in general a well spaced and well managed. Basic buffet fare.

The pirate cruise is great. My little one had NO TROUBLE leaving my side to go. . Both girls and boys went -I saw 4 -10 year olds (best guess) they all looked like they had a great time!!!
When my children went on the pirate cruise the only kids that were crying were the ones being left behind as their older siblings were going out on the boat.
I was worried too my kids are 3-8, they didn`t even look back.


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