Chef Mickey's - Wishes or Whispering Canyon Cafe

Discussion in 'Disney Restaurants' started by DisneyLiz44, Jul 11, 2009.

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    Jun 10, 2009
    Need advice on the chef mickey's. I would like to go to Whispering Canyon Cafe.. perhaps for dinner on 9/27 instead of Chef Mickeys. But, we have never been to Chef Mickeys and this is our only character meal. I do have chef mickey's for breakfast on our departure day, but we will have to pay OOP and might not go if we have spent too much already so if we don't go 9/27 to Chef Mickey's there is a chance we may not go at all.

    My ressie if for chef mickey's at 7:50 which might work to see Wishes without crowds. Does the timing work? I figure an hour for dinner at Chef Mickey's then go to get a good spot somewhere (where??) at Contemporary. Any suggestions as to where in Contemporary to just see Wishes?:confused:

    Then again, EMH that night at MK so we might be going back into the park anyway. Whispering Canyon Cafe is fun (we did breakfast there on our last trip). We will be with DH, DBIL, DSIL my sons (8 & 10) an my nephews (15 and 11). So, what do you think Whispering Canyon for dinner earlier and then back to MK for Wishes and ditch Chef Mickey's or stick with my Chef Mickey's at 7:50pm...Oh what to do???!!! Any advice?:confused3

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