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Feb 11, 2000
What is it with you americans you seem to love the smelly yellow stuff even more than the Italians!! ;)
I've just been looking through all the menu's for CityWalk and have been gobsmacked at how little there is to choose that doesn't have the dreadful stuff in it, on it or around it! (You may have gathered by now that I HATE Cheese!) :rolleyes:
So my question to all you culinary experts is this:
What are the best things to eat around CityWalk and the parks that DON'T have Cheese in them? Any favourites? (Or should that be Favorites?)

See, a whole post without one mention of FOTL ....oops! :D :D :D


Just came home for a quick cheese sandwich!
A popular Buffett tune just wouldn't be the same if it were called "Cheeseless Burger in Paradise"!
(Did you get a Jimmy Buffett fix yet?)
Click on the thread with the Mythos chef (on the board now, I think), he'll have the skinny on FOTL. I mean cheeselessness!
Take Care!
I don't think I would plan a trip to Wisconsin in the near future. We are known as the "dairy State". Wisconsinites are also referred to as "cheeseheads!" Not your kind of place. :D
Ha! Cheeseheads! LOL.

I'm sure your all very nice really! ;)
(Well it would be an insult to me! :D )


Uh Oh! Double wammy for me...Italian and American! Yes I love cheese! hee hee okay seriously you can Eat at Margarittaville happily plenty of non cheese items. peel and eat shrimp, wings, camamari, grilled fish, cheicken, pulled pork, club sandwich (minus the swiss!) salads. Also you can eat anywhere! Just request...minus the cheese! Enjoy your trip...and duck that cheese! :D


Well you've ruined a stereotype for me. I thought all Englishmen loved cheese. Course that assumption is based on those wonderful Wallace and Gromit cartoons. Ah Wellesleydale!
Anita, I hate to dissapoint you but ALL englishmen are not like Wallace!! We're not THAT good lookin' :D (Although I for one DO talk like him! - and look more like Grommit!)
I always thought the Cheese was added to the cartoon to make it funny! Didn't think they would really eat the stuff! ;) :D
And, thanks Jessica, I'll be practising one phrase before I come over this time - "Hold the Cheese!" :D :D :D


There's TONS of stuff without cheese.

Try Finnegan's (USF) for fish and chips or bangers and mash. Pat O'Briens at CityWalk has a cheese-free menu if memory serves.

Latin Quarter has lotsa hearty meat dishes and seafood -- also cheeseless. In fact, most seafood entrees will be served sans curds.

And then of course there's beer, the mother's milk of the British schoolboy (at least in my day). The Alchemy Bar (IOA) has perhaps the best selection. And the Enchanted Oak Tavern (of which it is part) serves some very good cheese-challenged meals. Finnegans has Guiness on draught, some others too but I forget which.

If all else fails, you can walk over to the British Supermarket on Vineland Road and stock up on Marmite and disgestive biscuits.

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Hi Kelly

Mmmmm I like the beer idea! A few Guinesses for lunch and dinner should do it! (Are you sure they won't sprinkle parmesan on it? ;) )

I actually had the bangers and mash at Finegans last year! Ahhhh home from home!!

Seriously though I have always found the food over there to be much better than over here! (And loads more of it!). The menu's for Citywalk sound terrific (Been there before but did not eat) but my mouth just starts watering ....then I see in the ingredients - Jack cheese!!! (Who IS jack anyway and why is he leaving his cheese all over the place!) :D

Yeah I know you can ask for them to leave the cheese out but they always look at me funny for not liking the stuff!!
"I'll have the Cheeseburger please but without the cheese!" ;)

P.S. DISclaimer: I'm abnormal - MOST Brits LOVE cheese, including my DW and kids!


I have to laugh and reply to this post.

We had a kid staying with us this weekend and he kept saying "Cheesus!" I thought he was saying something else.

He explained that he just loves cheese and likes to praise it!
I don't know if it had anything to do wiht the fact that his fatehr made feed for dairy cattle but my ex brother in law said he never ate cheese on anything (even pizza) until he was in his 20's.I can't imagine ordering a pizza without cheese(well except that now it is the in thing)

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I guess everything is relative...

My Mom hates cheese and we had to taste this lovely delicacy on our own at friend's homes and at restaurants. I'll never forget tasting cheese for the first time on a hamburger!

Now it is by far, my protein of choice!


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Whatever you do, don't go near the Picture This! shop in Seuss Landing!!!

Don't say you haven't been warned!

Kelly Monaghan
Author of "Universal Studios Escape: The Ultimate Guide to the Ultimate Theme Park Adventure" and
"The Other Orlando: What To Do When You've Done Disney & Universal"&
Mmmmm intrigueing, whats in the shop at Suess landing then - now I'll just have to go see!! :D

I'm glad that you're all treating this topic with the seriousness that it deserves - I mean who cares about FOTL when we can have a good discussion about Cheese! (I notice Earl hasn't put Universal's official viewpoint forward on the subject yet! :D )

I'll probably start a new topic soon entitled - MUSHROOMS - 'cos I don't like those little beggars either! And they do seem to pop up everwhere don't they? ;)


As a fellow Englishman I will back you up on the "Hate the Mushroom" campaign...Xavier..!! Man they are disgusting.

However, I'm with my American Friends on the liking of Cheese...I think its Yum. :D

By the way...when I was last in IOA I was walking out of Suess Landing (POE side) and there is a Popcorn stand and I'm sure they were selling Cheese flavour popcorn?? And Peanut Butter flavour although I might be wrong on that one. I must admit I wouldn't even think about trying those 2 things...YUK!!!



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