Checking for full tank of gas in rental car

Discussion in 'Transportation' started by AllanJ, Apr 28, 2001.

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    Oct 26, 1999
    This question was posed on the old Disneyinfo boards, no further replies are allowed there.

    This question applies regardless of whether you buy a full tank of gas up front (I don't like) or choose to bring it back full (preferred).

    There is no easy way to do this. In my experience, a topped off tank has the gauge reading above the "F" on most cars, at least 1995 models and earlier.

    Once I received the car with the gauge reading below the "F", I went in and the agent agreed to call it 7/8 full instead of full.

    You could drive to the nearest gas station (if not far) and top it off there and if the amount is considerable, drive back to the rental office and complain.

    I would guess that the rental companies simply put the car back into the lot for the next renter if it comes back approximately full. But there is room to shortweight the gas on the customer if the company wants to. For example if the customer does not bring it back full, fill it until the nozzle clicks off and that is it.

    I have rented from agencies, notably off brand ones, where the car comes with perhaps half a tank and expected back eith the same amount. If the amount is reported in eighths of a tank but is not an even eighth I ask the agent to round it down, for example 7/16 is reported as going out with and expected back with 3/8 full.

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    that is one of the two things I always check when I rent a car, the first one is to look for any kind of damages to the car before I even drive it out of the parking lot, twice I have found body damage that I reported to not to have any problems, second is how full the gas tank is. Live and learn!:p
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    Avis has an "official" policy that you show a gas receipt when you return the car that proves you filled the car before returning within three miles of the airport (and right before returning it obviously).

    Of course, they don't usually enforce this policy, but they do sometimes, and it's a pain when you forget the receipt ...

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