Check your Disney Visa account for this promo


DIS Veteran
Jan 12, 2003
I'm sure this is "targeted" since I have 2 Disney Visas and I didn't receive this but.........

My son is a newish Disney Visa card holder (~5 months) . He hasn't been using his card much so maybe this is incentive to get new cardholders to use their card.

Anyway..... he got an email that said between April 1st and Aug 31st, if he payed utility bills using his card, he'd get an additional 3% in rewards on top of his already 1%, so a total of 4% Disney Rewards, up to $500 in rewards.
It's not automatic, you have to enroll your card.


Earning My Ears
Nov 2, 2011
We got the same thing and have the Platinum card. We've been members since 2011 and use our card for everything! Perhaps the mass email went into your spam folder?


Oct 27, 2011
Sadly, it is a targeted offer not available to all cardholders. There was a thread on the Budget Forum about it last week, and I think we figured out that possibly those receiving the offer have not regularly charged utilities to their card. Maybe... but whatever their criteria, it is definitely not available to all.


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