Cheapest place to buy passes


Mar 8, 2001
What is the cheapest and best place to buy park passes? It would cost roughly $315 to purchase a 7 day hopper pass here in UK and wonder if we would be better waiting till we get to the US before buying them, or whether we could get them online.
Sorry for the ramble!!
A 7-day park hopper plus ticket is $301 here on this site. Click the link at the top right corner of this page that says "Discount Attraction Tickets". They do not mail the tickets - they deliver to your hotel when you are in Orlando, and they charge $5 for delivery. I used this service in January and was very pleased. They arrived around 8:00 a.m. and I had to sign a receipt for the tickets.
I think there is a post on the Resort Board or the Theme Park board that suggestes that you wait to purchase your passes until you are in the states. WalMart, on I think it is US192, sells hopper passes at a good discount. Dreams unlimited has passes that are delivered to your resort upon your arrival. Have a nice trip.:cool: ;) :cool:


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