cheapest 4-5 day hoppers


Jun 15, 2000
My cousin(CM) just called me and said she was laid-off. So no more cheap tickets to the parks. Who has the cheapest hopper passes. I looked at AAA 5 day are $175. for child and $222. for adult. Our employer has the disney cards for $29. Is it worth it? What kind of a discount is it? If I applied for my card now would it be back by the middle of April? When I applied 2 years ago for the free one it took forever to come in the mail.
The Disney Club discount on passes is approximately 5%. The current prices for 5-day Park Hopper passes are $219.42 per adult and $175.96 per child. These prices include tax.
AAA sells discount passes....and if you are military you can buy discounted Park Hoppers at your local base or post at your travel office for a good discount...
I did to get my park hopper plus passes
7 days with 4 pluss, 291.00 each thats
about 35.00 per day at the park plus three or
four water park days. Im thinking of getting two more
there is alot of information on this site about it. $1.00 to join for the trial period.
I was looking for tax receipts in my DH file cabinet. I found an old connections envelope in there. I wonder if he is a member already of Connections. I think when he applied for a visa or mastercard he received the packet. I always wondered what that $69 annual fee was for. I know it sounds funny but this is the only credit card I would let my DH have. And it only has a certain limit. He gave up smoking and became a complusive shopper. :D :D
Can any Connections expert tell me do they only sell Hopper "Plus" or do they also sell just Hoppers?

I wouldn't mind the "Plus" if it included Disney Quest but from everything I've read, it only includes the water parks and WWS and Pleasure Island.

Could someone help me out? THanks!
The plus features do not include Disney Quest.

Just to muddy the waters, I also like They have been better for me than DC discount. I have bought hoppers, DQ, and PI tickets from them, been very satisfied with the service. $7 delivery fee, local coupons, and 30 minute phone card came with order.

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