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Jan 29, 2001
Has anyone ever rented from any of the less well-known car rentals outside of the airport, like Interamerican or Americar? They are the cheapest I've found. Is there any reason why I shouldn't rent from these?
Thanks, Winnie

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We've rented from Interamerican and Payless with no particular problems.. The cars were fine. Takes a little while--maybe 10 min.--to get to the off site locations, so it depends on how you value convenience. Payless considered a Nissan Sentra as an Intermediate, which I thought was a stretch. :rolleyes:
We took the chance and got a fullsize through National for $16 or $17 a day (can't remember) but have heard much cheaper rates on smaller cars.....


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I now have a standard size car booked at National with Emerald Aisle service for under $20/day. They are located at the airport and with Emerald Aisle you pick out your own car and drive it right off the lot.
How much cheaper than that can you get with the other companies?

This does require joining the Emerald Club (free through biztravel or Disney Club) and use of Disney Club discounts, so you have to be a DC member which I think cost $39 (DC discounts on my park hopper tickets paid for the DC membership before I started looking for a rental car)

I also have a car booked through Priceline in March Fullsize car $12 per day.....Alamo is the company only down side is that it is off site. Yet we've done that before and it only takes about 10 mins by shuttle..

We did rent from Americar without any problems.

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as I posted in your same thread on the transportation board:

I personally haven't
One reason is, most of the less expensive rentors are off site. I like the convenience of walking right to my car. Also, I am usually a little more comfortable with a nationally recognized firm. But hey, that's only my opinion!

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I used PL for our rental car and got a premium through Alamo for $15 a day! I was more than happy with that rate.


If you are a Disney Club member, you can get a good deal at National. I am not an Emerald Isle member, but I have a rate of $171 total, all fees and taxes included, for 8 days for a fullsize car. That is close to the economy rate at Dollar using a code.

Good gosh...what am I doing wrong?? I have put in bid after bid with Priceline (up to $22.00/day) and can't get a nibble!! And I'm only looking for an intermediate or smaller car that will hold 1 set of golf clubs and 3 adults!! I am so frustrated!! Are you guys getting these rates closer to your departure time or way in advance?? Our trip's for the second week of March for 5 day!!
I bid up to 20/day and even tried for a pick-up (last resort), but "No Deal"! I guess I'll wait a few days and try again.
I made my original bid for $12 back at the end of dec. This past week I've been trying to get two additional days have bid up to $18 w/o any interest. I'm beginning to think that you might need to bid months in advance to get the good rate. Let me know if you get a decent rate...remember that the cheapest rates are $28 for off site....(well alamo a priceline renter is offsite as well and there cost is $42) We leave in a few weeks so I'll try a few more times...

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After not having any luck at all with PL, I decided to go with the Ford Ranger Pick-up offered through Budget for 19.99/day. There are only 2 of us so I think it will work out. The total for 5 days= 129.16. This is from 4/1-4/6.


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