Cheap airfare??


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Jul 29, 2000
Going to WDW in May and I have been looking everyday for cheap airfares. I can't find anything beyond March. Has anyone gone in May? When did you get the best price for airfare?

We go in May every year, last year from Wash. DC it was $161. It's running between $180-190 right now, so I'll wait. I think I got my airfar in March or April last year. Since it's only 2 of us, I can wait until the last minute, unlike families. I thought $161 was high, because I believe it was about $140 the year before. I watch for the $150 mark and then make a decision. I think after the President's weekend (which seems to be the cut off for alot of airlines, maybe something will show up). Good luck and watch the boards.
I've been looking too. I thought when Southwest rates came out they would be the best, but right now only show $169. each way from BDL to MCO. The best I can find is Delta for $178.50 RT. I'm not sure if I should grab this or wait to see if it goes down. Any advise would be appreciated.
cassie, where are you flying from and what are your exact travel dates?

mawjaw, what are your exact travel dates?
I'm leaving from BDL on 5/5 and returning on 5/19.
TWO WEEKS!!! Can't wait!!
mawjaw, I'd buy that Delta fare now. You've got a choice of non-stop flights at that fare. If you wait, you may have to change planes.

I was shocked to see Southwest's fare. You're right, and that's before taxes are added.
Thanks TravelSheryl. That Delta flight was for 2:00pm, we really want to go in the AM. Midway has a flight at 6:40am w/ a layover in NC. I've never flown with Midway or heard much about them. Should I just stay with Delta? or is Midway a good airline? Thanks for your help.
Midway is fine. Personally, I'd stay with Delta and change planes on the way down (you can depart at 6:00 a.m.) and still get a non-stop back. If you take Midway, you'll have to change planes both ways. Delta's fare is $186.25 if you make a connection on the way down. I don't know how that compares to Midway's fare.
I'm leaving out of bdl on May 19 to 26. So far I see usair is $186 rt ns at 7am. That's the flight I want. I paid $170 last July on Delta with one stop in Atlanta.

cassie, I see a 7:30 a.m. non-stop flight on US Air from Hartford to Orlando, but I'm getting a roundtrip price of over $200 with that flight. In order to get the $186.50 roundtrip fare, it's telling me I have to depart at 2:36 p.m. Maybe it's giving you different results.

Regardless, fares will likely not drop with those travel dates since your return is Memorial Day weekend.
Just a little input on Midway....
I used to work for midway and it is an excellant airline. They have a wonderful safety record and at least when I was there, they were #1 in on-time flights (yes, I know there is another airline with commercials saying they are #1 BUT if you listen closely, you'll hear them say #1 among all MAJOR carriers, Midway isn't considered major so is not in that grouping!) ANYWAY, Midway is a very friendly airline. You will always stop in Raleigh, NC because that is their hub. There is no way around it. All flights stop in Raleigh, but their terminal is very small so you only have a short walk to another gate and there are plenty of shops and snack places right there to pass the time if you wish. In general Midway lay overs aren't long.
You may want to check what kind of aircraft you are flying on though. Many of Midway's flights are on CRJs which are 50 seat jets. I had no problem with this, but I know many passengers still felt it was too small of an aircraft.
I'm happy to answer any other Midway questions...

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Kathi --

Thanks for reassuring me. I have a Midway flight this Saturday morning, and the stop in RDU is only 1/2 hour. The sales agent assured me that there wouldn't be a problem making the connection, even if my flight from LaGuardia is a little late.

I'm glad to hear the positive comments about Midway. I've never flown them before.

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Your right about the usair flight. I just checked and couldn't believe the 7:30 am flight went up. It's been $186 for so long. Thanks for the advice about returning on Memorial weekend. Never thought about that. Will let it go for a couple days and see how the wind blows.



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