Character Breakfast - Too Scary?


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Mar 13, 2001
I have a daughter turning 5 who I think would love a breakfast with Winnie the Pooh and gang. However, I have reason to believe that my other daughter, who will be almost 2, may be terrified by large costumed creatures.

I could forget about trying a character breakfast and miss out on the fun for my older one, I could risk the tears and fears of my young one by going to a character breakfast, or we could split up and leave the young one with daddy while older one and I attend a character breakfast.

Any suggestions?

We dined a few weeks ago at a local fast food place that had an employee dressed up like a cow. My older daughter got a big kick out of it. The younger one looked a bit uneasy but handled it fine until the cow came over and tousled her hair. Then she lost it
Personally I would still book one. The characters are wonderful and very respectful to children who are afraid. In most cases this is the best way to introduce the kids to the characters. So I would give it a try and if your 2 year old is afraid just let the characters know and they will keep their distance and just focus on your older daughter. My 2 YO loved the character meals we have done in the past!

Our daughter was a little over a year and a half old when she had her first character dinner. And she LOVED it!! Not scared a bit. And she really got in to it. If your child is familiar with all the Disney characters, either through the movies or tv shows on the Disney Channel, I'm sure they will handle it better than a strange cow. :D

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the characters don't lunge at kids. as posted above, they'll keep distance from younger child if signaled to do so.

Dad can always take the young one out if in danger of losing it (child, not dad ;) )
Maybe if you let your daughter see the characters in other locations before your breakfast day, and watch your older girl interact with them, she will feel more confortable and enjoy the meal.

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My suggestion would be to get PS's for one a few days into your vacation for the entire family. Then, during the first few days, see how your daughter does with the characters in the park, and decide if you want to split up or all go together.

BTW...With two girls, personally I would do Cindy's Breakfast. I can't imagine anyone would be scared of the Princesses, and my daughter just loved being called "Princess".

DS was scared of characters at that age too- he won't go near them at birthday parties, that cow at the fast food restaurant, etc. When we went to WDW, he loved seeing the characters and especially enjoyed the character meals (we went to Crystal Palace and Liberty Tree Tavern that year). I can't explain his sudden shift in attitude-must have been that Disney magic. One tip- at most character meals, the cm will tell you to seat the kids on the outside of the table so the characters and kids have easier access to each other. You may want to seat your child on the inside or the seat farthest from the aisle where the characters will walk by to give her some distance until she warms up ...good luck!

Try mentioning you concerns to the CM on your way in and ask them to warn the characters off your little one (whom I guess will be in a highchair).

It would be a shame if you or another member of your party had to leave with your youngest and miss the experience themselves.

Good luck!

Hi, we dealt with charater fear too. These suggestions worked great for us.

(1) Visit a children's character near your home like Chuck E. Cheese. Your child can see Chuck E. from far away and each visit you can get closer. Our son is 15 months old and this worked great! When he was 11 months old Santa frigtened him, now he's great with a little bit of work!

(2) Visit the Disney Store! DS loves the Disney Store, he hugs and kisses all the GIANT characters. There are a couple LIFE SIZED characters of Mickey and Minnie and DS loves them!

(3) Tell the characters at the restaurant which child doesn't need a visit. They are so helpful!

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If you want to do a Pooh character meal, there is a very calm one at Artist's Point at WL. Not as big and overwhelming as the one at Crystal Palace. The staff is very helpful, and will let the characters know if your little one is frightened. In the meantime, start reading some Winnie the Pooh books with pictures to the 2yo to break the ice, and watch Winnie the Pooh on Toon Disney or the Disney Channel--if you don't get these stations, rent a tape of The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh or Pooh's Grand Adventure. If she is familiar with the characters, and it is explained that the characters will be as tall as Daddy, it will help calm her. Schedule your character breakfast later in your visit, so your daughter will be used to seeing the characters around the parks. Don't let your 5 yo miss out on this--the CM's are too atuned to these situations to let it spoil your time. Go, relax and enjoy---if you act like you are enjoying it, your 2 yo will pick up on that, and enjoy it too :)

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Just like you, we have 2 DDs (5 and 2). Our oldest gets a kick out of the characters and loves to hug them. Our youngest is very scared of them, even though she loves Pooh Bear and the gang. She is sooo scared that she literally shakes with fear. She hangs onto her Daddy or me; and the characters are very nice about staying a distance from a kid that looks scared and clings onto a parent. We still would take both kids to the character meals. Our little one watches her big sister, and one day, she'll understand that it's all quite okay--nothing to be scared about.
Thank you all for your advice and suggestions. I will plan a late character breakfast for the middle of our visit, when we were planning on taking a break from the parks. Someone mentioned Artist Point at WL for a Pooh breakfast, that is exactly what I was considering.

I liked the suggestions on how to get my daughter used to costumed characters. I actually have several months before our actual visit so hopefully I can have her de-sensitized by then. :)


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