Changing reservation dates?

Discussion in 'Purchasing DVC' started by snowiit, Sep 7, 2003.

  1. snowiit

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    Feb 17, 2001
    My mom is a new DVC owner and she just made reservations for a certain week in May.... NOW we find out that there is something important going on that week. Is there a problem or penalty for her to call and see about changing dates? If there is we'll just have to go those dates, but if we can change that would be great. Thanks for putting up with another "newbie" question!

  2. InstImpres

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    Oct 3, 1999
    Nancy -

    There is no charge for changes. Penalties occur only with 30 days of reservation. Also, if she borrowed the points from another use year, they will remain in the current year.

    Hope that makes sense

    Happy travels
  3. CarolMN

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    Aug 18, 1999
    Based on the fact that she is a new member, this is her first reservation and the anticipated stay is for next May, I'm reasonably sure she can change the reservation without any penalty. Of course that assumes that there is availability for the new dates at the time she calls.

    To be absolutely certain about the "ramifications" to your mother's points, we'd have to know her use year and the status of the points she used for the reservation (banked, current or borrowed). Generally, as long as you make a change 31 or more days ahead of arrival, there aren't any problems/restrictions to reusing the the points.

    Best wishes -
  4. Charleneluvsdisney

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    Apr 5, 2000
    This just happend to me. I made reservations for a week in March and then found out that something important was going on that week, so I called and changed to a week earlier. Well as my luck would have it that date for the event was listed wrong and I was actually able to call and change my reservations back to the original date. I was kind of embarrassed when I called again, but they were extremely nice about it!

    I was lucky that everything was available though.

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