Celebration Hotel


Jan 9, 2002
Can anybody give me some feedback on the "Celebration" Hotel. I don't really care so much for the bigger chain hotels...Radisson..Marriot etc. This one (from what I've seen on the internet) seems to have some charm. Also, would it be O.K. for kids (2 girls 5 & 8)? Thx.
Is this the same as "Orlando Hotel & Attractions"? I can't find Orlando are resorts.

We stayed there last year in April. The Hotel is nice and well taken care of and full of rich dark colors, dark wood furniture, foliage. But its off the beaten path and well secluded from the rest of the Disney area. It is a part of the a little uptown of the city Celebration with some small shops and restaurants. It was very quiet and we were there the busiest week of the year Easter. I would stay there for an Adult vacation. If I remember right it is on a golf course. They have the shuttle to the parks which was nice and I believe the hotel pays for the ride. The hotel is very nice just not a kid oriented atomsphere. I am all for staying in a nice hotel, but you didnt feel like you were even close to Disney. We stayed there because my Dad a Floridian called in a favor with the owner who owns 5 hotels in the area, Sheraton Studios Universal, Portofino Bay, etc. So we certainly were not going to picky about were they made reservations. I guess I would have liked to be closer to all the action. The bottom line a beautiful hotel that is well kept and a peaceful place to stay away from all hectic traffic and commercialism of Orlando. If you have any other specific questions I will try to answer them for you. Hope this helps.


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