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Sep 21, 2020
We were talking today about how whoever is the CD on the Wonder for the EBPC will have an interesting job planning activities that don't include all the young kids. Are the clubs just in Open House mode all the time or do you plan adult activities in the kid clubs?

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Apr 18, 2018
Hi I am not sure what will happen on this cruise, however in the past we have run adult only activities in the Club/Lab on Panama cruises which are so much fun and a totally different vibe!
On our EBPC we made chocolate chip cookies in the Lab (never washed my hands so many times in the very short sink). It was fun. The CMs talked to use just like they were teaching kids. Then .... POOF ... cookies arrived all baked.


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Apr 26, 2021
Not sure in the Covid pre-Covid we did the EBPC in about 2015 I think it was 15 nights...but may have 14 nights. It was awesome. We had 7yr old son and he spent so much time in the kids clubs. They only had about 200-250 Kids on the ship. It was great. He received special invites almost every day on the fish outside the room. They did a Sleep over one night with Pluto. He still has the pillow case they colored that night. We pulled him out of school and the way he kept up with school work provided prior to leaving and then was required to do a project of his choice to present to the class. We took a World Map and had Cast Members mark their towns and sign their name. He then did a report on the canal and had photos of the ship passing through the locks. The best was Cast Member coming up to us asking to sign his map. Its on his wall in his room now. I think we counted and had almost 300 signatures and marked towns. It was really cool and we could not believe how the map literally filled up. Crew from all over the world. He then had a journal and with the saying for Hi or Hello from all the crew members from other countries in their home language. It was really cool.

There are tons of extra events they do on panama canal cruises. One night was a Chocolate Buffet in Tritons. All Chocolate stuff made on the ship. It was Halloween on the high seas for that cruise, and then they started the Christmas decorations. We watched them build a full size ginger bread house. Made with real Ginger Bread baked on the ship.

I would kill to go on that cruise again. Its just tough to get a full 2 weeks off for it.

The reality is the Wonder was like 80% over 60yrs old it seems like. The 6th level stroller parking was full of scooters and the kids had about 1000 sets of grandparents on board. It was great cruise for the parents and the kids. Our table mates were an older retired couple. They watched the son at dinner one night along with the wait staff while we went to Palo. He finished his dinner and Mickey bar and then was shuttled off to the Club with the yellow shirts. He felt so grown up and responsible. The surrogate grand parents were even thrilled to have him for dinner companion. Lots of great memories of that cruise.
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