Catching up on new stuff???

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Sandy Fisher

DIS Veteran
Feb 2, 2001
I'm a little confused. No wonder I couldn't access the site the last couple days. Boy, what a shock. I managed to "register". Do I have to do that each time now instead of clicking on "log in now" as before? Also, do I have to manually "log out" instead of that being done automatically? It is a little confusing and for me was totally out of the blue and unexpected. Guess I'll get used to it. Thanks for help.

Chris C

Returning DIS Veteran
Aug 3, 1999
I checked your "profile Sandy and you do have the option checked to "Remember Username & Password" so the next time you come to the boards, you should automatically be logged in. Yes, you will have to "log out" manually.

Have fun exploring the new boards!
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