car rentals grace periods?


Earning My Ears
Jan 18, 2001
I am looking to book a car rental but due to our arival and departue time, I will be charged for another day. Does anyone how exact do you need to be when picking up and dropping off rentals. our plane arrives at 12noon and departs at 7pm.
I am new to all this trip planning and just trying to learn how to save a few bucks. thanks!
The grace period is usually less than one hour so you will probably be into another day on your rental. Who are you renting with?
Sometimes dropping a day will cause you to lose a weekly rate and pay more. Frequently you get an hour grace, by two hours your paying for an additional 24 hour perod. Not sure I'd hang out in the airport for 4-5 hours just to save on my car rental cost.
thanks for your replies, we will be there for 9 days, so am not to worried about loosing the weekly rate, seeing the grace period is only about an hour I will just pay for the extra day.
I have a reservation with Dollar/Entertain, seems to be the best for our dates.
Thanks again!


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