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Jan 1, 2001

First time posting, been reading for awhile pending our Jan 3 - Jan 12 trip (Disney Institute bungalow, 9 nights). Thanks to all who contribute; the information has been extremely helpful in maximizing our experience at a reasonable cost!

I wanted to share our results in trying to find a decent car rental rate, it was very difficult this time around. Ended up with Avis: Premium class (G) for 9 days for $271, all charges included. Our last trip in January 1999, I was able to get a convertible for 10 days for $180 or so. Oh well, seems there were a lot more FL specials that year.

After probably dozens of codes/coupons, etc here is what we found to be best (had been looking for premium or luxury, but these could help with others):

Breezenet ( AWD# K268200 - Combined with Entertainment CPN# UUGD831 (Double Upgrade)
Note: There is not a place on Avis' website to enter a coupon discount - you either have to call or "add" it to the reservation by selecting that option after the initial confirmation number is generated (that was a tough one to figure out). Anyway, be sure and print out the email response you will get when you "add" the coupon and bring it (and the coupon!) to the counter with you to avoid surprises. There are other AWD#'s out there which are just as good (including webmiles), but most are not.

Disney Club (new code: 5901600) combined with various coupons out there (including one which comes with the Disney Club package (code: 10004932). Nets a 15% discount off premium or luxury, and depending on coupon restrictons you may get upgrades, free days, etc. To use these codes, you will probably have to present your DC card.

Running great FL only specials right now (code: web13), including SUV for $190/week. You can combine the discount code with some corporate codes for additional savings (including entertainment CDP# 205521).

Budget: Almost used budget, but can't add coupon to corporate discount - anyway, the breezenet discount is better than the DIS discount, use V744900 for at least 15% discount - also Budget had minivan specials at $199 per week; even though their web site did not list FL as part of the special, I was able to create the rate for MCO.

Of course their were many others tried, but I think these were the best we could find this time (OK I guess, but hoped for better). Oh yeah, tried priceline for Premium and Luxury several times; rejected each time, even on $30/day.

Leaving in 48 hours! Thanks again to all on this board. P.S. - Surprised my parents on Xmas with a WDW trip to join us Jan 6 - Jan 12 - their first trip, hsould be great!

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Welcome to the ranks of DIS Posters! I hope that we see that number of posts grow by leaps ans bounds when you return from your trip! :)
Thank you so much for all of your legwork on the rental car discount codes! This list is great!
I hope that you have a WONDERFUL time on your trip! I am sure that it will be so exciting sharing WDW with your parents!

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We are planning to go to Disney 2/9/01 through 2/13/01 for National High School Cheerleading competition. We have decided to rent a car this year instead of relying on shuttle transportation. I have been searching high and low for a car rental for those 4 days that will not cost as much as airfare!!!! I have one on the Dollar rental site and put in the code "FVG" that I got off of this board and the rates were fantastic, I am only worried about what type of documentation I am going to be asked to provide to validate this discount. Anyone know??????

Good luck to the Humble Wildcats Varsity Squad!
Did you commit to the reservation by giving your credit card number? When you do, you'll get a confirmation similar to the one below:

Thank you! Your rental car reservation has successfully been booked with Dollar Rent A Car.
Below are the details of your reservation including your confirmation number. Please print and keep this page for your records. An e-mail confirmation will also be sent to the e-mail address indicated below.
Confirmation #: ????????
Name: Daniels William
Pickup Date/Time: MAR 03, 2001 @ 12:30 AM
Return Date/Time: MAR 10, 2001 @ 11:30 PM
Vehicle Type: Economy
Currency: U.S. Dollar
Rate Category: XXXXX
1 Week(s) @100.99/WK w/unlimited mileage
1 Extra Day(s) @22.72/DY w/unlimited mileage
Dollar has applied the best rate for your rental scenario.

This is all you'll need.

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FVG stands for Florida Vacation Guide. It is one of those advertising booklets that you can pick up at hotels, etc. The code is available to ANYONE!
Glad that you were able to get a great rate.
And BIGBLONDE - Welcome to the DIS! :)

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the companion code to that for Dollar is KISS

which i guess is the Kissimmee guide from the same people
Thank you very much for sharing that great info!!!

How'd you create, or what is, the Budget code for the $199 minivan price? Thanks for all the info.
I too saw the FVG code for the $199 minivan and called and saved $100 over what we already had booked. This is a great site and thanks to the person who did the work finding the codes.


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