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Aug 18, 1999
Has anyone rented a car at Savannah airport and drove to Hilton Head Island? Where is the best place to rent and what are the prices please? Has anyone ever rented through priceline for Savannah, or are there good deals to be had elsewhere? Thanks.
We went to HHI last November and flew into Savannah. We rented from Avis because we got a good rate online. The rental counter was easy to find and the cars were right outside. We got it through which I found through an online search for Savannah,GA.
I believe the base rate was about $168. for an intermediate size car for a week. I checked all the rental car companies that were at the airport for rates before I chose Avis.;)
The ride to HHI was lovely. We stopped at the South Carolina welcome center on I-95 and the HHI welcome center as you cross the bridge and got lots of information. (I am a compulsive welcome center/travel brochure chooser. I need to read all about it so that I don't miss anything.)
I hope this helps.
Hi Cinderella

Just as Nancy has said, we've also flown into Savannah and driven to HH. We booked our car hire in advance with Alamo and as with Nancy picked our car up directly outside the door. Savannah is a very small airport but very pretty and clean. As it's not busy you won't have to wait to get your car.

We arrived at about 7pm and really weren't prepared for the sheer blackness once we drove out of the airport. There aren't a lot of lights once you get off I-95 and it's like a scene from a movie with all the weeping willows (I think that's what they're called!!) overhanging the roads. We're going back in March and I just can't wait to see it all again.

HH was really easy to find, just follow the road signs. It's a nice, leisurely drive just like the rest of SC/GA. It's all a very slow pace of life and you're sure to be totally relaxed by the time you leave.

If you've any other questions, don't hesitate to ask myself or Vernon on the UK boards - we've both been to HH.

I used Auto's abroad and collected from Charlotte, dropped at Savanah. There was only a couple of car hire desks at Savannah so you are a little limited in your choice if you book direct with teh rental company, you do still face the same problems as far as insurance is concerned if you choose to book direct, IMHO it's still cheaper to use an "all inclusive" consolidator like Auto's abroad. The seemed the cheapest when I checked recently but it's worth checking Holiday Autos as well.

It is a VERY easy drive from Savannah airport to HH, I would estimate 50-60 minutes drive time. The airport is just minutes from i-95 and HH is well signposted from I-95.

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