Car Parking

Mr Ed

Nov 11, 2001
We are staying off site and using a hire car on our next trip.

Can anyone tell me how much parking fees are at the parks and if I can buy a ten day parking pass or do I have to pay each time I visit a park?

Any info will be most appreciated.

I have been looking for this info as well. My family is going to Disney for the first time on the 20th, and we are thinking of renting a car for the week. Is this necessary, economically smart, and easier? I have three small children (7,5,2) We thought it better than lugging them onto and off of shuttles all week, but will parking at the parks be ridiculously expensive? We are staying at the Marriott Cypress Harbour Villas. Any input would be helpful. THANKS! CAN'T WAIT!!
7.00 per day. No passes. YOu pay once per day, keep your receipt and you can go from park to park.


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