Candlelight Processional Gold Pass?


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Aug 18, 1999
I know that this has been asked before but I can't find it on a search.

When we were at the CP, there were lots of reserved seats under the canopy for "gold pass"holders. What is that pass? The section never filled and I would have loved to move my kids out of the downpouring rain into that section.
I'm not sure what a "gold" pass for Candlelight Processional is, but I know there are quite a few seats held for "VIP's" such as the family & guests of the narrator, conductor, the Voices of Liberty and perhaps the orchestra. The pass for at least some of these VIPs was white (as opposed to the yellow ones for the 5:00 dinner pakg guests). I don't know if the chaprones for the high school choirs receive any type of special seating, as I seemed to always meet some the nights I was in the standby line.

The 2 nights I was seated down within the first few rows for the show, Guest Relations CM's dropped the ropes in this area for others seated in the lower sections (I don't think they let people from above move down) once the show started. There were lots of seating down under the canopy for many of dinner package guests, but I believe the key to a sitting under there was to get in line early.

I think this was the first time in a long time we didn't get soaked at the Candlelight - I remember a deluge a couple of years ago for Jody Benson and it rained on us both times we saw Shockwave this summer. But, if it makes you feel any better, even though we were "dry" for the December 9th show, we got soaked like everyone else when we left the theater!
We went on 12/8 (Sunday) and arrived after they started seating (we got held up at Morocco by ToD). There were seats open in the front section (I'd say about 1/3) but the usher said they were reserved for "gold package". I assumed "gold package" was like the Deluxe Plan where meals are included. We ended up in the second row of the second section on the right side. It was a nice night so it didn't matter that we weren't under cover. But I was wondering about the "gold package" too.
I was at CP 8:15 on 12/5 and the part of the front section was ropped off that night too. The CM's I heard didn't refer to the section as a "gold pass" section. They just said those rows were reserved. At the end, Marlee Matlin waved to her family (husband, kids, parents) sitting in one of those rows so I assumed the rows were for family/friends of the people participating.

This is the first time I saw CP and I was awestruck! It was wonderful!:earsgirl:
While I have never heard it referred to as the Gold Pass section, there is an area at the front of the theater reserved for people who had bought the Candlelight Dinner Package, which incidentally is a Great Deal! Each year about 9-10 restaurants are offered for the dinner package. You pay a set price (around $30 to $40 depending on the restaurant) and then you order from their menu. An appetizer, entree, and dessert are included. We have dined at Mitsukoshi's Japannese Steakhouse the past to years and for $40 dollars I have ordered Scallop appetizer ($7), a steak and lobster ($30+) entree and dessert ($4). You add it up, it is a real deal. Included with your dinner is preferred seating for the CP near the front of the CP. It is a great deal!
We had the dinner package and were not permitted to sit in the front section (except for the first 2 rows which were too close) because the seats were reserved for "gold package".
What ever this new gold pass is this is the first year that they are doing it. Thsi would explain why they were holding so many seats in the upper section of the area for the package holders. I just thought that they just sold more packages this year.
Originally posted by DebbieB
We had the dinner package and were not permitted to sit in the front section (except for the first 2 rows which were too close) because the seats were reserved for "gold package".

We were there on 12/5. I also thought the first two rows "were too close", but my DH wanted to move there, so we did. The view was fine and I was absolutely delighted with the seats when it began to rain. :teeth:

Felt bad for those who weren't under the covered area and didn't have rain gear. I was quite surprised at the number who stayed in spite of the rain. The CP is truly an awesome experience!


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