Canadian winter!!!!!!


Apr 1, 2000
I know this has nothing to do with Disney - but is this winter driving anyone else out there crazy!!! We just got more snow and the forcast is still saying temperatures below 0. I have been coming to this site just to dream of warmth. We were at WDW in August last year and we were boiling - now that sounds pretty wonderful to me. Anyone going down during March break?? Send the warmth up here!
I am really ready for the snow to be gone. I think our dairy queen opens in 1 week. How can I enjoy my first dq treat of the year standing in mountains of snow?
We've actually been lucky on the West Cost this year. Almost no snow and very little rain so far (knock on wood).


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Spring is just around the corner!!!!!!!!
Isn't that what we want to hear!!!!!
Hopefully we will be rewarded with a nice hot summer!! Here's hoping!!!
I just keep dreaming of being in WDW in May with my family in the nice warm Florida weather.

Hang in there everyone!!!


Karen's comments notwithstanding, I seem to remember a certain albino rodent indicating that spring was just around the corner. Don't believe me? Check the website. :mad:

We're now coming up on 5 weeks since his prediction and I see no sign of winter ending soon, let alone it being just "right around the corner". :(

I don't necessarily want a warm summer - I just want a lot of water in Georgian Bay so's I can get my boat out in the water a lot more easily this year. :D

- Mike
I guess what we need to do is something out of the ordinary to get rid of these winter blaws even if it is as simple as getting your hair done. I went yestaurday and had red highlights put into my hair and a cut, some pampering made the day a little brighter and I like my new look. If you can get away for a weekend that is a great idea, somewhere with a pool ahh! Unfortunately, we are in the middle of hockey playoffs so a weekend leisure trip is out for us. But our team won 3 in a row which advances us to the next round yea. We are counting down to Disney too, only 38 more sleeps, we can hardly wait.
:D :cool: :D <IMG WIDTH="15" HEIGHT="15" SRC="/infopop/emoticons/icon_razz.gif" alt="razz">
Unlike the past few mild winters where we all got spoiled, this has been a long and cold winter and since I am not a winter person,decided back in February that I desperately needed a trip back to WDW to cure my winter blues--I need some sun!

Now, how could we possibly afford to go after having gone twice recently and hoped to go back again in July? Well, I found a cheap rate at an off-site hotel, casually mentioned it to DH and lo and behold, he thought it was a great idea too because he could go golfing! I bought the "at par" Universal tickets and maybe we'll also get to Sea World since there's also an "at par" special on. The most expensive part will be the WDW passes, but we'll use what's left of the Universal and WDW passes for our next trip there, call it "advance planning". :D :D :D

We leave on Friday night and hopefully the weather will be okay for the drive down. I'm sooo excited! :)


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I don't really believe spring is around the corner, but that is what l like to hear, even if it isn't the facts. I always look on the bright side, and so l booked a trip to WDW yesterday, just to get over these winter blahs, and so now the blahs have disappeared, until l have to pay for the trip!!! I am very excited about my first trip to Disney World!!
The snowy-ier the better. It seems like its been decades since we had a proper snowy winter.

That's why we're going to Disney in May. I didn't want to risk missing any prime skating/tobagganning/skiing weather. This winter I guess it would have been ok, its been reliabley snowy for months. But most winters recently have had so few real good snowy winter days, that I'd hate to take a chance on a winter vacation to Florida, and miss the snowy days here.
I guess I have to say we have been pretty lucky in Alberta this year. It seems like such a change that we can say we had a nice winter. I do feel bad for all of you in the East Coast. Every time I watch the weather channel, you seem to get more snow. Yesterday, we were very fortunate; our temperature was +14.
We just got another 40cm of snow today and I've just finished shovelling it.We only have 44 days until we go to Asmo for 18 days and personally don't care if I ever see any snow again.This winter has been bad by anyones account,and I am ready for some sun NOW!!!!!!!!!! :cool: :cool:


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