Canadian Buffoon's Sweet 16 Celebration - Update 12/12 - There's a Disney in California?

Discussion in 'Disneyland Trip Reports' started by pkondz, Aug 25, 2017.

  1. pkondz

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    Mar 9, 2007
    Cheaters! Cheaters!


    Well, I am using one of your photos
    and the photopass photos from @franandaj
    Thank you both. :)
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  2. pkondz

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    Mar 9, 2007
    I swear...
    I'm working on it!
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  4. Canadian Harmony

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    Jan 23, 2015
    Yanno, stuff occurs. I'll be okay if you need more time.
  5. pkondz

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    Mar 9, 2007
    I’m hoping to make
    progress tonight.
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  6. mustinjourney

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    May 8, 2016
    I feel like it is now my duty to post this.

  7. pkondz

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    Mar 9, 2007
    I'm trying! I'm trying!!!!
  8. franandaj

    franandaj I'm so happy, I could BOUNCE!

    Nov 15, 2009
    I know the feeling! :laughing:
  9. pkondz

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    Mar 9, 2007
    Okay folks.
    Update's mostly written.
    Tomorrow I'll go over it
    and fix typos.

    The writing...
    Well, ain't nuttin' fixin' that!


    It should be up tomorrow.
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  10. pkondz

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    Mar 9, 2007
    There's a Disney in California?

    I have to tell you a little secret.
    I've been putting this off.

    What you're reading.
    I've been looking at this screen
    for days now.

    Oh, I had all the photos preloaded,
    ready to put prose to.

    I can't find a way to start.
    I wonder if this is writer's block?
    But then how can I be writing this?

    My hope is that if I just... start...
    the words will start to flow.


    We last left off on our
    sweet sixteen adventure
    having spent an eventful day
    in the Universal lap of luxury.
    (aka: HPL&OS*)
    *Harry Potter Land & Other Stuff

    And now it was time to pay
    for our excesses,
    with a nice drive some
    forty odd miles to our next stop;
    the now defunct, Anabella Hotel.
    Located conveniently right smack dab
    next to Disneyland.

    We left with plenty of time to do the
    two hour journey.

    Stop laughing!
    How was I supposed to know????

    Yeah, yeah... I was warned.
    But... how bad could it be?

    Witchin' Betty, (although her name's
    not really "Witchin'") our trusty GPS,
    guided us faithfully onto
    what at first glance
    appeared to be a highway,
    but in reality was a shuffle board.

    You know... stop for a bit,
    (at which time it resembled
    a parking lot)
    and then shuffle forward
    a bit before stopping again.

    It wasn't all that bad.
    We did get to see a whole
    bunch of motorcycles zip by us
    as we sat, slurping gasoline
    at an unfortunate rate.

    And before you mention or comment
    on how those terrible bikers
    shouldn't get away with that...
    It's legal to lane split in California.

    Indeed, I saw many cars move over
    a bit to give them more room.
    (And I quickly followed suit.)

    Our two hour drive became three.
    And then four.

    Eventually we did reach our hotel.
    And I can state that by the time
    we got there and checked in,
    I was quite done with driving
    for the day.
    (It wasn't all bad.
    I fondly recall the two of us
    singing along to Hotel California.)

    Luckily there was (and is)
    a restaurant adjacent
    and Kay and I popped over
    for a late-ish dinner.

    No notes. No photos.
    I was a bit done with
    Trip Reporting by that point.

    After dinner, we headed back
    to our room where Kay acted
    like every teenager everywhere
    and quickly popped on her phone.

    I on the other hand decided
    to head out for a sashay
    around the hotel grounds and vicinity.

    And you know what?
    It turned out to be
    a really nice night.

    It was perfect
    and just what I needed.

    I'm not going to write about that though.
    I was just able to enjoy the evening
    and embrace life.
    I returned to our room
    feeling like a new man.

    The next part of this vacation
    was just getting started.
    Disneyland, here we come!

    We got up the next morning
    too early, yet full of excitement.
    The promise of wonders yet unseen.

    We got ready to go and,
    since I knew what was
    going to happen later,
    I packed a backpack.
    (Because that's what one
    does with a backpack...
    you pack it.
    Pity the British who have
    rucksacks. Do they sack it?)

    We packed the packed
    backpack in the back
    of the car and headed out.

    Or started to.
    As we approached the exit
    by the hotel lobby,
    I spied a familiar face.
    I'm still not really sure
    how I recognized her.
    We hadn't met in person before.
    And I certainly wasn't looking
    for familiar faces in California!

    (Well... movie stars, perhaps.
    It's California. Don't they litter the
    streets with celebrities there? :rolleyes2)

    It wasn't a movie star,
    but she's a star in her own right.
    I thought I recognized... I did!
    It was @Steppesister !

    I wasn't that surprised, mind you.
    I knew she was staying in the same hotel.
    And we were all going to DL that morning.

    We pulled up beside her and I rolled
    down Kay's window.
    "Liesa?" I called.

    Apparently she was waiting for
    a cab or Uber or rickshaw.
    She begged us for a ride
    so she wouldn't have to pay for one,
    and we reluctantly agreed.
    (Kidding. It was nice to start
    the day with a mini-DISmeet. :goodvibes)

    We chatted as I drove
    and got to know each other a bit.
    A few minutes later, we had arrived.

    Kay and I had to go to will-call
    (or whatever you call the place
    you pick up your tickets)
    but already there was a line up
    of people waiting to enter.

    We knew we'd be at the back of the line
    as we had to wait for our window
    to open (at park opening time),
    get our tickets,
    and then get in line to get in the park.

    I wasn't too worried. We had all day,
    and Fast Passes are wonderful things.

    Eventually (merely an eternity later)
    the window opened and we got
    our tickets.
    The CM asked if this was our
    first visit and gave us
    buttons to wear too.
    I mentioned that it was Kay's
    birthday (well... we were celebrating)
    and they gave her a birthday
    button too. :)

    Finally, we entered the park
    and we had our first look
    at Disneyland.


    Hmmm... odd.
    No castle.
    Wait... Is that it??
    It's so... tiny!


    Obligatory castle photo.
    I once heard of a guy
    who didn't stop for a castle photo,
    he even had a camera in full view
    on a strap around his neck!
    He was beaten and thrown
    out of the park.
    Lifetime ban.
    Even had his Mickey ears confiscated.
    Very sad.


    Okay. Now that we have
    observed Disney protocol,
    we can high tail it to our first ride!
    Peter Pan!
    I was really interested to see
    how this one differed
    (if at all!)
    from the one in Florida.

    90 minute wait.


    I can live with not knowing!

    On to our next ride.
    How about this one,
    right next door?


    I'm going to say something
    before we get much further.
    This was all new to me.
    There will be times
    when there are lots of photos...
    and times when there are none.
    I was a tourist here.
    I didn't want to be constantly
    in Trip Report mode, you know?

    When you start paying me,
    then I'll take more.
    And take notes, too!

    After our wild ride,
    we figured we'd try
    something on the opposite spectrum.
    Storybook Land Canal Boats.
    Kay and I got in line,
    which, if it hadn't been exceptionally short,
    would not have happened.
    I was willing to try this,
    since it's completely new...
    But I wasn't going to wait
    more than five minutes for it!

    As we stood in line,
    Kay suddenly pipes up.
    "Dad. There's Liesa."
    I look over and Liesa
    has obviously had the same thought
    and has just entered the line.
    I call out to her and...

    I once wrote about how a young man
    tried to cut through the line at RNRC
    by saying his friends/family were up ahead.
    I didn't let him go and he left.

    And now...

    Liesa blithely hopped over the rope,
    elbowed her way past some
    angry parents and joined us.
    I studiously avoided the glares
    of the people behind us.


    See them? Staring?
    Can you feel the hatred?

    I consoled myself with the thought
    that really, they hated Liesa
    and not me.
    Or not as much.

    And now for some chill...

    I mean, why not take
    a nice, relaxing... uh...

    OMG! We're about to be
    swallowed by a giant whale!!!


    Turn around!
    No! I don't wanna die!


    Here! Uh... Liesa!
    Why don't you sit in the front!
    Better pictures from there.


    Liesa was devoured
    and we never saw her again.
    On the bright side,
    I survived so I can write
    all about our trip.

    Or is that a dark side?
    Hmmm.... considering
    the way this chapter is going,
    I'd say it was a dull side.

    So... speaking of dull,
    (Hello? Did someone call my name?)
    here are some photos
    from that ride.
    It's slow enough
    to take copious photos.

    It's really a defense mechanism.
    You do that to fend of boredom.

    RNRC, it ain't.


    I will say, however,
    that the attention to detail
    (as usual)
    is pretty impressive.
    Even the trees are to scale.


    I don't think a real water wheel
    would splash like that, though.
    Disney should do something
    about that.
    Would changing the laws of physics
    be too much to ask????

    I mean, come on!






    After our exhilarating journey,
    it was time for....

    Oh, no!
    I am not doing....

    Puke cups.


    I was ready to fight Kay on this,
    but... she plays dirty.
    "Dad. It's my birthday celebration.
    You have to."

    And when Liesa rejoined us,
    (apparently she came out fine in the end)
    she insisted I ride it as well.

    Two against one.
    Totally unfair.
    I decided to capitulate first
    and regurgitate after.

    We got in our puke cup
    and right off the bat,
    both Kay and Liesa
    were trying to spin
    the cup as fast as they could!
    Kay, because she likes it,
    Liesa because she was
    hoping I'd spew.

    I assured her that if I did,
    I would do so in her direction.

    I think the ladies had fun.
    Every time they'd start
    the cup spinning,
    I'd grab the wheel and spin
    it in the opposite direction,
    effectively stopping it,
    and they'd yell at me.

    Hah! Joke's on them.
    I'm married.
    I'm used to women
    yelling at me. :snooty:

    Eventually, I decided
    that if they wanted to spin,
    I'd spin.
    I spun the wheel as fast
    as I could and was
    gratified to hear
    shrieks of delight
    emanating from the seats, opposite.
    When we exited, I was only
    a wee bit wobbly, so...
    I'll consider that a success.
    It would've been more of a
    success if I'd puked on their shoes.
    But we can't have everything we want.

    After cups, I know we rode
    Alice and probably Pinocchio
    and possibly Snow White...

    But not positive.
    No photos.
    Sometimes you just want to relax
    and vacation, you know?


    But now it was time to head back
    to City Hall where we were meeting
    Alison. (@franandaj )
    On the way there...

    Some people ask me why
    I go back to Disney so often?
    "You must like rides."
    I hear that one a lot.
    (I do, but it's not the reason I go.)
    Or "What do you do there?"
    I get that one fairly often.

    But there's just something magical
    about the place isn't there?
    Disney seems to be the one place
    on the planet that I can completely relax.
    Altercations are exceedingly rare in Disney.
    (Not impossible. My last trip to WDW, being an example. :rolleyes1)

    And if you look around enough,
    you can see the magic.
    You just have to know it
    when you see it.


    Do you see the magic?
    (Why yes. Tell me. For bonus points.)

    Continued next post
  11. pkondz

    pkondz . . Dis Dad #797 . . Hoping to get lucky

    Mar 9, 2007
    Continued from previous post

    We arrived back at city hall,
    and I had to take a photo
    of the lamp burning in Walt's window.


    I love that little touch.

    Kay and I were early,
    and I debated about putting
    my backpack in a locker
    or waiting for Alison.

    I hate being late.

    I reasoned that Alison
    would actually know where
    the lockers were.
    So best wait for her. :rolleyes2

    I'm glad I waited.
    Alison showed up early, herself.
    We chatted and got to know each other
    as we waited for Liesa, who strolled up
    just a few minutes later.

    It turned out I didn't need to get
    a locker as Alison had a large bag
    on the back of her scooter.
    I gratefully accepted her offer
    of being my personal pack mule.

    In short order, we set out
    and made our way to:


    Jungle Cruise.

    I love the realism of this ride.
    If you were to actually go to Africa
    (Liesa, back me up here.)
    you would see baby elephants
    spraying water into crocodiles' mouths.

    It's very common.

    Most know that what
    makes or breaks this ride
    is the skipper.
    And we had a really good one.
    Or maybe I'm biased
    because he kept picking on me
    throughout the ride.
    It was hilarious!

    He (of course) pointed out
    the second most dangerous
    animal in the jungle;
    the bull elephant...


    ...and the most dangerous,
    his mother in law.


    Ahhh.... The Jungle Book.
    Schweitzer Falls.
    Backside of water...


    Does that look like water?
    Because it'snot.
    Two of his heads for one of yours.
    You'll come out ahead.


    Aww look at the lions
    watching over that sleeping zebra.
    He's dead... tired.

    Know what kind of meat
    zebra meat is?
    White meat
    Dark meat
    White meat
    Dark meat
    White meat
    Dark meat
    White meat
    Dark meat
    White meat
    Dark meat
    White meat
    Dark meat...


    They got the point, in the end...

    And of course, the ride ended with:
    "If you had a great time, my name is John,
    if you didn't my name is pkondz."


    We rode a few more rides,
    Indy and POTC,
    where both Alison and Liesa
    got wet bums
    while Kay and I stayed dry.

    I was okay with that.

    We made our way
    (some of us sloshing)
    to New Orleans Square,


    where I was looking forward
    to trying a couple of treats
    that I'd heard of, but never had.


    A Mint Julep, and...



    (Apologies for the above photo.
    From left to right, it's:
    "Aww, cute! Aww, cute! Aww, cute!... EW! <spew>"
    And thanks to @Steppesister for letting
    me borrow the photo! :)
    I tried to have it taken with my camera,
    but my lens cracked.
    It does that a lot when it's pointed at me.)

    I enjoyed the Mint Julep and would have another,
    but I wouldn't stand in line for another beignet.
    They were fine, but... Not overly special or unique.
    At least, I didn't find them to be.

    Okay! What's next!

    Merely the best ride in all of Disney!


    HM of course!
    I mean... what else could it be?
    (Bonus points. What's your favourite ride?)

    What did I think?
    I loved it of course!
    And I finally got to see
    the Hatbox Ghost.
    While the effect is a bit tame
    by today's standards,
    it's still fun to watch. :)

    Afterwards, I had a special request
    that I was hoping Alison could
    help me out with.
    And she knew just how to grant it.

    On the way, we passed this by:


    I had no idea what it was,
    or why it was there.
    It's actually the oldest attraction
    in the park.

    It's a petrified tree.
    It's believed to be between
    55 - 70 million years old.
    Walt purchased it back in 1956.
    His wife gifted it to the park in '57.

    I thought it was interesting enough
    to deserve at least a mention.

    Not long after, we arrived at our
    next destination.


    We wandered inside and met some royalty.


    I must admit, though,
    that this kind of thing
    really isn't my thing.
    When we next met Cindy,
    I declined to participate.
    I knew someone else
    who was very interested
    in meeting her.


    No. Not Kay.
    Although she did enjoy
    meeting her.

    No, I'm talking about Alison.


    Don't they look like they're having fun?
    Of course, Cinderella had no idea
    of what Alison really had in mind.
    While Cinderella was distracted
    with posing nicely for the
    photopass photographer,
    Alison... well....
    See for yourself:


    Yup. That's right.
    Alison pinched Cinderella's royal bottom.
    I caught the mischievous grin on Alison's face
    just as she was in the act.
    And you can see how Cindy reacted to it.
    I believe she even bleated out an
    "Oh my goodness!"

    I mean, it's obvious that's what's going on, right?

    Luckily, Alison didn't get kicked out of the park.
    Cinderella obviously has a good sense of humour
    and they were both able to laugh about it after.


    Next up was the reason I was here.
    I had a special someone that I wanted to meet!


    Of course!
    I had to meet Ariel, didn't I???
    I mean, we're practically engaged!
    (If you have no idea what I'm talking about,
    just see my last few TRs.)

    Practically engaged is not the same
    as actually engaged.

    And I couldn't have that.
    But what do you give the fish...
    er... girl of your dreams?

    No mere ring (Boring! Been there! Done that!) would do!
    I needed something special.
    Something that would knock her socks off.
    Or fins, as the case may be.

    And I had just the thing.

    I quickly dropped to one knee,
    and presented her with...



    A Dinglehopper!

    Unfortunately, Kay was slightly...
    okay, a lot traumatized by my proposal.

    "No! Dad! Think of Mom!"


    "I don't want to have a fish
    as a step-mom!"


    Alas for poor Kay.
    Ariel gratefully,
    (dare I say, excitedly?)
    accepted my token.

    As far as I am concerned,
    that means we're engaged.


    Unfortunately, I couldn't pick a date
    with my soon to be mate.
    While she is a princess,
    she is also on the clock
    and needs to bring home the royal bacon.
    I had to take my leave.

    But fear not! We'll set a date,
    and you're all invited!

    Continued next post
  12. pkondz

    pkondz . . Dis Dad #797 . . Hoping to get lucky

    Mar 9, 2007
    Continued from previous post

    Speaking of bacon...

    Around this time, we all decided...
    that we were starving to death.
    Beignets are tasty,
    but hardly filling.

    It was time for some real grub!
    And we had no idea where to go!
    Alison suggested the Plaza
    and we all agreed that it sounded good.

    I didn't take any photos,
    but I do know that Alison and I
    split the fried chicken.
    Dang! That was some good chicken!
    Do you know how they say "fried chicken"
    in France?
    (No. Not Royale with poulet.)
    (Get the reference(ish)? Bonus points, yes or no.)

    They don't!
    And they don't know what they're missing out on.

    Kay had some Penne pasta while Liesa had a salad.
    I have no idea what is wrong with those two!

    Once we were sated, it was time
    to throw caution to the wind
    and get in the water.
    Underwater, that is.
    Specifically the Finding Nemo Submarine Voyage.


    While it's not quite
    (nor ever was)
    20,000 Leagues Under the Sea,
    it's as close as I'm ever likely to get.
    I loved that ride.
    20,000 Leagues Under the Sea
    was the first Disney movie
    I ever saw.
    (Full disclosure, it might
    have been Pinocchio.
    They were about the same time
    and wayyyyy too far back to remember.)

    I boarded the sub and...
    whadya know!
    There were mermaids on board
    there too!


    The ride had obvious Nemo references:


    But plenty of original ride props
    to keep me happy too.
    (Well... I think they were original.
    They certainly looked the part.)




    While it's not the world's
    most exciting ride.
    And doesn't quite compare
    to riding in a real submarine,
    it was still fun
    and I'm glad I did it.
    (And thanks to Alison and Liesa
    for letting me indulge myself.

    With riding the submarine, people!!!)

    Okay, now that I've gotten my kicks,
    it was time for Kay to get hers.

    I can't say about today,
    but at that time,
    she had a serious crush on Gaston.
    (Such is the fickle lives of teenagers.)

    We were standing in line for a ride, when...
    "Dad! There he is!"
    I asked the ladies if they'd hold my spot
    and we took off in hot pursuit.
    Unfortunately, it was not to be.
    No sooner had we set out,
    then Gaston had disappeared.

    And yet... not too long after,
    he reappeared!
    Once again we made
    the mad dash in his direction.

    And, well...



    Someone was a very happy girl.
    (And no hover hand. Good girl.
    Wait... that's my kid I'm talking about...)

    After a bit, it was determined
    that it was Dole Whip Float time.

    Of course it's always Dole Whip Float time.
    We just hadn't had the opportunity
    to indulge until now.


    And that's Dole Whip "Float"
    If you haven't done the float,
    you're not doing it right.

    By now, the day was getting along
    and it was time to leave the park.
    We had a long trip to take,
    all the way to California Adventure Park.

    Yup. We walked a few dozen steps
    from the exit of one park
    to the entrance of another.

    I really can't express how... foreign
    that was to me.
    I mean... going from park to park
    should involve a bus or monorail ride
    shouldn't it?

    Being able to just pop over
    to the next park was... surreal.


    The first thing we did
    was to just walk through
    the park to the backside of it.
    Er... I mean the rear.


    We walked through the park.



    Eventually we wound up at Paradise Pier.
    For some reason, I had always thought of
    Paradise Pier as being somehow outside
    the park itself.


    Not sure where I picked that up from.


    Ah. Mickey's Not So Fun Wheel of Death.
    We didn't ride that first.


    Nor did we ride California Screamin'
    (And really? What's with the apostrophes?
    I'm lookin' at you, Soarin'.)
    but we would, in just a bit.

    We did ride TSMM.


    And I'm happy to say
    that out of the four of us,
    I kicked some serious heinie!


    Mind you, Liesa had a phone call
    to take, so she didn't play.
    But if she had, I'm sure
    I would've beat her too!

    We next road Screamin'
    and then made our way
    over to Carsland.


    Alison took us in by a different
    route so we would get
    a better view.


    And... wow.
    They really went all out with the
    scenery here!
    I was pretty gobsmacked
    by it all!
    The details! Everywhere!
    Look at that old highway
    guard rail in the above photo.

    We had fastpasses for RSR,
    and a good thing, too!
    The ride had been down
    for a while, apparently,
    and had just come back on line
    shortly before we got there.

    I think, (help me out here Alison/Liesa)
    the line for the ride was about two hours?


    As it was, the fastpass line
    took us... I think about 30 minutes
    at least.




    I get misty just thinking about it.

    It's an excellent ride!
    That's one that I really
    wouldn't mind waiting for again.

    There aren't that many rides
    that I'll wait in line for.
    But that's one of them.

    By then, we were in need
    of some down time
    and a bit more fuel.

    I took a few more snaps as we headed out.




    I love the TV antennae
    on the tops of the cones. :)

    On the way, Kay tallied up her score.
    She had been keeping track
    of every time she heard a kid having
    a meltdown.

    Today's tally stood at eleven.

    I strongly suspect she missed... a lot.

    We soon arrived at our destination.
    A friend of Alison's had offered
    to meet her (and by extension... us)
    in the 1901 Lounge.

    I must admit, I hadn't heard anything
    about the place, prior to going.
    All I knew, was that we were going
    to relax and have a bite there.





    Thanks to Kay for all the above photos.
    I was too busy... well... not taking any.

    We settled in and ordered drinks
    and some food to nosh on.
    We got flatbread and queso.
    A cheeseboard. Or was it charcuterie?
    Some Pad Thai lobster rolls and chicken rolls.
    We also got some mini hot dogs,
    which Kay proceeded to devour
    since she wouldn't touch anything else.


    I ordered another round of hot dogs
    so that others might try them.

    I think she ate all of those too.

    I personally thought the evening
    was going along nicely,
    but somewhere along the way
    I must have said something
    that insulted Liesa.
    We were just sitting,
    chatting, when...
    All of a sudden,
    Liesa throws her drink at me!!

    I still don't know what it was
    that I said that upset her so.

    I tried to make amends
    and grabbed a nearby stack
    of napkins to blot up the mess.

    Error number two for the night.
    Apparently, Liesa was hoarding
    the napkins to keep as an
    impromptu souvenir of the place.
    And I went and ruined them all.


    Sorry, Liesa.
    (I still feel badly about that,
    by the way. :()

    The evening wasn't a complete loss however.
    At least, not for Kay.
    I suppose the waiter noticed her birthday button
    and brought out a little dish of ice cream
    with a candle.



    She was pretty happy with that!

    After we had eaten our fill,
    Alison left us
    and Kay and I took our leave
    from Liesa.

    We headed back to California Screamin'
    (I suspect it's screaming about its lost 'g')
    and rode it again.
    Then Kay decided that she wanted
    to ride Mickey's Not So Fun Wheel of Death.

    I declined.
    I'd heard far too many horror stories
    to wish to risk my stomach on it.

    As it turned out, Kay said it was
    completely benign.
    Truth be told, watching her
    I was amazed at how s l o w l y
    it all went.

    Perhaps she just got lucky.
    Or unlucky, depending on your
    point of view.

    We then headed out of the park
    and back over to Disneyland.

    We got in a not very long line
    for HM and rode.
    What the heck...
    the line's short...
    We rode again!

    By now it was getting dark
    and we headed back
    to California Adventure.
    We were going to take in
    World of Colour.

    A few shots before showtime.



    We had a few minutes to spare
    so I took the opportunity
    to get a set of Mouse Ears for Elle.
    It was the one souvenir
    that she wanted me to pick up.
    Glad I had remembered it!

    I didn't take a single photo of WOC.
    Sometimes you just need to sit back
    and take it all in, you know?

    The show ended, and we headed out.

    We got back to the hotel and...
    I was restless.
    I headed out for another walk.

    It was one of the best nights of my life.
    Disney is.. well... magic. You know?
    I fell in love. Well, more in love.

    I will be back.

    And... as a matter of fact...
    I would be... and will be.


    For those of you who
    had trouble "seeing it":


    You never know who'll
    be behind the counter
    at Mummy Treats.

    Answers to previous questions:

    1. How long does it take
    to get to our next hotel?
    (You can Google map it
    if you like: Annabella hotel, Anaheim)
    a. 2 hours
    b. 3 hours
    c. 4 hours.
    d. 5 hours.
    Answer: c. 4 hours - 20 points.

    2. Where do we eat dinner?
    a. Shake Shack
    b. Closest restaurant to the hotel.
    c. We don't. We're still full.
    d. Room service.
    Answer: b. Closest restaurant - 20 points.

    3. Which ride does Kay do alone?
    a. Grizzly River Run
    b. Mickey's Fun Wheel
    c. Silly Symphony Swings
    d. California Screamin'
    Answer: b. Mickey's Fun Wheel - 20 points.

    4. Which ride do we go on
    more than two times.
    a. Soarin'
    b. TSMM
    c. HM
    d. BTMRR
    Answer: HM - 30 points.

    5. Which souvenir do I buy for Elle?
    (oldest DD who didn't come along)
    a. Mouse ears
    b. T-shirt
    c. Mug
    d. Ornament
    Answer: a. Mouse ears - 20 points.

    DonnaBeeGood - 3, closest, swings, HM, mug, saw it, big bang, cooks - 80 points.
    Canadian Harmony - 2, closest, Screamin, HM, shirt, saw it, big bang, cooks - 80 points.
    rndmr2 - 2, shake shack, Screamin, HM, shirt, saw it, big bang - 50 points.
    afwdwfan - 3, closest, Screamin, HM, mug, big bang, cooks - 70 points.
    Kiotzu - 4, closest, Screamin, BTMRR, mug - 50 points.
    MeghanEmily - 2, closest, swings, soarin', ornament, saw it, big bang, cooks - 50 points.
    Mac Brew - 2, don't eat, Screamin, HM, ornament, saw it, big bang, cooks - 60 points.
    Mrs T 2009 - 3, shake shack, swings, TSMM, mug, saw it, big bang, cooks - 30 points.
    Captain_Oblivious - 3, closest, wheel, BTMRR, shirt, saw it, big bang, cooks - 90 points.
    franandaj - 4, room service, wheel, HM, shirt, saw it, big bang, cooks - 130 points.
    cinderkelly - big bang - 10 points.
    QueenJen - 3, closest, swings, TSMM, ornament, saw it, big bang, cooks - 50 points.
    vamassey1 - 3, closest, wheel, TSMM, ornament, saw it, big bang, cooks - 90 points.
    GoofyIsAsGoofyDoes - 2, shake shack, Screamin, HM, ornament, saw it, big bang, cooks - 60 points.
    cindianne320 - 3, shake shack, Screamin, TSMM, ornament, big bang - 10 points.
    juniorbugman - 2, closest, Screamin, TSMM, mug, saw it, big bang, cooks - 50 points.
    Terra Nova guy - 3, closest, swings, HM, ornament, saw it, big bang - 70 points.
    Chrystmasangel - 4, Screamin, BTMRR, mug, saw it, big bang, cooks - 60 points.
    CyndiLouWho - 3, room service, Screamin', HM, ears, big bang, cooks - 70 points.
    Princess Leia - 3, closest, Screamin, TSMM, ornament, saw it, big bang, cooks - 50 points.
    mustinjourney - 3, shake shack, Screamin, HM, shirt, saw it, big bang, cooks - 60 points.
    Steppesister - 2, closest, wheel, HM, shirt, saw it, big bang, cooks - 120 points.

    Did you see it?
    (Marvin, serving Mummy treats - 10 points.)

    Also bonus points for:
    Got the connection?
    From the Big Bang Theory
    (10 points)

    Additional bonus points for:
    The story of the cooks.
    (10 points.)

    As usual, if I've made any mistakes,
    either above or below, let me know.


    Steppesister - 660
    franandaj - 605
    GoofyIsAsGoofyDoes - 600
    MeghanEmily - 570
    Captain_Oblivious - 565
    CyndiLouWho - 555
    vamassey1 - 555
    Princess Leia - 540
    Terra Nova guy - 540
    rndmr2 - 530
    Mac Brew - 510
    QueenJen - 505
    juniorbugman - 500
    Chrystmasangel - 495
    DonnaBeeGood - 480
    mustinjourney - 480
    Mrs T 2009 - 465
    afwdwfan - 410
    Canadian Harmony - 380
    Kiotzu - 370
    lisaviolet - 295
    Curiouser&curiouser! - 245
    natebenma - 135
    chunkymonkey - 125
    SoccerDogWithEars - 125
    Crashbeckycoot - 105
    orangecats2 - 80
    cindianne320 - 60
    queenbetsey - 60
    Jaina - 55
    cinderkelly - 10
    irene_dsc - 10
    MAGICFOR2 - 10

    Questions next round:

    No questions.
    I'm not even all that sure
    what we did yet!
    And what I do remember
    is the same that at least in part,
    at least 3 others know.

    Bonus: Did you see it?
    Of course you saw it.
    I mean, you saw it right?
    How could you not see it?

    PM your guess.
    Posting will result in deductions.

    Coming up: Um.... dinner is served.

    And... nope!
    It didn't work.
    The prose didn't flow.
    All you got was this instead.
  13. SoccerDogWithEars

    SoccerDogWithEars DIS Veteran

    Mar 20, 2005
    First! (Haven't read it yet, but that doesn't matter, right?)
  14. pkondz

    pkondz . . Dis Dad #797 . . Hoping to get lucky

    Mar 9, 2007
    Totally legit.
  15. Canadian Harmony

    Canadian Harmony DIS Veteran

    Jan 23, 2015
    Your writing is perfectly perfect (a la Mary Poppins), so thank you!

    Did I see the magic? Yes, through the onions I'm obviously cutting.
    Favourite ride? Indy all the way!
    Royale/Fried Poulet reference? Nope, don't get it.

    Will PM you with my "saw it"
  16. franandaj

    franandaj I'm so happy, I could BOUNCE!

    Nov 15, 2009
    I read it about 5 hours ago, but wanted to wait so that I comment from my computer.....
  17. mustinjourney

    mustinjourney DIS Veteran

    May 8, 2016
    The magic is all around you while at Disney. :-)

    This is probably my favorite one-liner of the ride.

    My favorite ride is flight of passage (used to be Everest). If I'm with my daughter (4) -- it's probably the tea cups b/c we both love to spin those suckers as fast as possible and she always gets the biggest smile on her face. With my youngest daughter (2) -- I enjoy Ariel's Under the Sea ride. She loves to point to everything and scream out.

    It'd be more obvious if you photoshopped her hand out of the picture! hahaha

    “Ezekiel 25:17. The path of the righteous man is beset on all sides by the inequities of the selfish and the tyranny of evil men. Blessed is he who, in the name of charity and good will, shepherds the weak through the valley of the darkness, for he is truly his brother’s keeper and the finder of lost children.”



    11 does seem low. Hell, I think my 2 year old daughter had 11 meltdowns in 4 hours when we were in the Magic Kingdom a couple weeks ago.

    I seen it. PM to follow.

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  18. mustinjourney

    mustinjourney DIS Veteran

    May 8, 2016


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