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Mar 7, 2001
I am looking to book a DCL vacation (land & sea package) for this November. I'd like to know the best way for a Canadian to book this trip.. is it beneficial and/or cheaper to book this trip with Disney directly or through a Cdn tour operator (eg. Air Canada Vacations or World of Vacations). I'm pretty overwhelmed with the best way to go about booking. I'd appreciate ANY info that can help me out here... thanks in advance!
Believe it or not, I just went through this! Here's what I did...First, I got prices from a wholesaler, (Holiday House, just a heads up, Air Canada is much more expensive) then I found these boards..Through the information I have gleaned here, I have literally saved hundreds, and hundreds of dollars!
First of all, we have done the 4 day land/ 3 day sea already, and decided we wanted to do 7/7, I know we're spoiled. I basically got a deluxe hotel, and the same cruise for LESS than the moderate hotel & lower category stateroom. I called the Central Reservations directly for rates, but you need to ask the right questions to get the best deals..they cannot offer any info unless asked directly.If you don't have time to be glued to these boards for a day to figure it all out, and place the umpteen calls for AP rates, Upsells, and all the other wacky terms you NEED to know to get the best rate from the Central Reservations, check out Dreams Unlimited..they beat the canadian wholesaler hands down, even with the exchange. They are having a promo right now. Also, get the Unnofficial Guide to Walt Disney World, by Bob Sehlinger, has a section on the cruise, gives you a comparison of buying directly, and separately..invaluable! Available at chapters.
Hope this has helped! ;)
Hi crusnprincesses: I would like to try the DCL some day and that's great info that you have given. I, too, wondered what the best way to go about booking a Disney cruise was. Even tho' I have gone through CRO before, I have learned so much more about how to get better rates from this board, for the next time I book an onsite reservation. :)


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We just used Dreams Unlimited to book our WDW vacation. We are doing the 7 day land/sea package followed by a 5 day stay at AKL. So far DU has managed to get me a DC rate at AKL (so we saved about 400.00 US on the room), they called and got us Fall Fanatasy cruise rates as soon as they came out (without me asking them to) and saved us another 200.00 US on the cruise, when we booked DU had a special on so we received a shipboard credit plus a rebate (together worth another 250.00 US). I would recommend using this company to anyone. After you do the initial quote and get in touch with a TA they will go out of their way to find you the best deal they can. I will not hesitate to use them again for all of our future trips to WDW.


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I truly do appreciate everyone's input, and apologies for such a delayed reply as my internet access has been limited the past couple of days...

But in a way I feel little more confused because though I just discovered this wonderful discussion board, I don't really know what some of the words mean.

eg. Central Reservations i'm assuming means booking thru Disney directly?? However the rest is a little foggy, AP rates, CRO... is Dreams Unlimited an online travel agency?? help!

Many thanks!
AP rates means annual pass rates...Disney discounts rooms at certain times for annual pass holders.

DU or Dreams Unlimited is a travel agency owned by Pete Werner who also runs the DIS. They are a totally separate entity from the boards but many of the DU travel agents are also posters on the DIS.

CRO is the abbreviation for Central Reservation of the two ways you can book hrough Disney directly...the other is the Disney travel agenct.

DC or Disney Club refers to what used to be the old Magic Kingdom Club and you can join for (I believe it is) 39.95 US. For this you get among other things discounts on rooms at Disney hotels for certain times of the year. It is also an Entertainment card so you qualify for all those benefits as well.

Hope this helps a bit.


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