Can you tell I went today?

Tony M

Remember 1999
Sep 19, 1999
Without a lengthy trip report, here is a brief overview:
Universal Express. Can you say "Freedom"?
Sinbad. WOW. This show has really gotten GREAT.
Triceratops Encounter. Now a walk through.
Spiderman & MIB. Nothing else needed to say.
Carbon 8. Cool, refreshing and fun.
Confisco's Grille. MM, mmm, Good.
Poseidon's Fury. Goodbye "Keeper".
Twister. Fun with the weather channel.
T-2. Best 3-d show ever.
Not Favorite:
JAWS. Can you say, "Rehab"?
ET. What Rehab?
Cat In The Hat. Where's those painter guys from that Travel channel Special?
Flying Unicorn. 36" Height is not suggestive of how wild this coaster is. Fun but too quick for anyone 6 and under.

Any Questions?
did you see animal planet live if so how was it. and do they sell animal planet live t-shirts?

cant wait for royal pacific resort !!!
:D :D
Yes, we can tell, but that's a good thing!

How are the crowds?

<img height="200" src="">
carbon 8 is the little robot thing at the roboasis at universal.

cant wait for royal pacific resort !!!
:D :D


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