Can you recommend any offsite hotels near IOA?

from Canada

Feb 20, 2000
Hi there....although Ive been here on the DIS for a few years, this is my first visit to this board.:) My question is for a friend of mine going to Universal in March. There are actually 2 families of 4 traveling together, but I think they want 2 separate rooms. They looked into the "onsite hotels", and it is just too expensive at that time of year for them. Can anyone recommend any good moderately priced hotels close to the Studios? If you have any website addys that would be great too.
thanks Kelly...I went to your site, but couldn't find the list. I did find the rest of the site interesting though.
Karen, The cheapest I have come across is $39 a night at Universal Inn on International Drive. But I never stayed there, so I can't give you an opinion about it. Also you can book a room at Universal Holiday Inn for about $80 a night in March, has two double beds.

I went to the site yesterday, and ordered both books. Looking forward to receiving them after reading how great and informative they are from everyone here! Thanks for posting the link.


P.S.- Our first trip to US/IOA, August 2002
WDW Addict!
My DW and I stayed at the Amerisuites on Caravan Ct. last June and it was fine. Clean room, small pool but not crowded. They have a shuttle, shared with some other local hotels, used it only one day, but if you have your own vehicle, we found that gave us more flexibility. It's right next to the Holiday Inn and Radisson east of USF. Great view of the USF parking garage from the pool!

:p JW
The Days Inn on Major Blvd. has rates as low as $29 during certain times of the year. The room wasn't very special, but it was clean. There are rooms close to I-4, so you might want to stay somewhere else if traffic noise bothers you. As for me, I've slept through fire alarms! :)


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