Can someone tell me exact date of new FOTL policy?


Earning My Ears
Jan 25, 2001
We are staying at the HRH for 4 nights starting on Feb. 2. If the new rule of 1 hour only will apply during our stay we will be sure to tour the parks on our first 2 days.

Thanks in advance.
Have not heard anything about a FOTL 1 hour rule.
All I heard was that it will likely change to: each person can use the FOTL perk only once per ride, per day. You will not be able to get off and jump right back on again using the FOTL access. Which BTW, I happen to think it's only fair to other patrons. Not right that I should get on a ride twice while others are still waiting to get on once. Just my thoughts! :rolleyes:

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I used my HRH key to get FOTL access last week and while I didn't try it on the same ride twice, it would have been pretty hard for them to know I was doing that.

If they are going to restrict the privilege to once a day, they will have to install computerized card readers at each ride and that, I imagine, will take some time to implement.

Kelly Monaghan
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You will be able to ride each attraction as much as you want during your stay in early February.

Even though the changes to Universal Express start February 1st - like Kelly said it will take some time for the technology to be installed and put on line.

I don't expect the on-site hotel policies to change until around March 1st - which is the projected date for all of the new equipment (i.e. card readers at each Express entry point) to be installed.
Wow...this is all a bit confusing. We are using 2day passses, staying at HRH on March 1st and 2nd. From all this, I really don't know what to expect. Guess I'll just wait and see what happens when I get there. I'm sure we'll have fun no matter what. :rolleyes:

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Sorry to confuse everyone, I myself must have been confused while typing last night. I don't want to alarm everyone, I was refering to the new FOTL changes that Earl spoke of. I don't know why I typed in about the first hour, I meant to ask about the new policy regarding only being able to ride each ride once using FOTL.

Sorry about the confusion, and thanks a ton for all the help!

Gina.....proofreading this one!!


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